Schools and Colleges Liaison
  1. Activities for higher education advisers
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    1. Activities for higher education advisers
    2. School Visits
    3. School Talks
    4. Widening Participation
Schools and Colleges Liaison

Schools and Colleges Liaison

The Schools Liaison team at City attend HE Fairs and run talks, workshops and activities to support students across the UK with applications to university. We are also the main point of contact for prospective students, parents, teachers and advisers who would like more information about studying at City.

We primarily work with students in years 12 and 13. If you would like to arrange an activity please email or call 020 7040 3161.

If you want to contact us about working with students younger than Year 12, please contact our Widening Participation Team.

If you are an international school or college either in the UK or abroad, please contact our International Recruitment Team on

Talks, workshops and activities

We can deliver talks at your school/college or here at City on a range of topics related to UCAS and Higher Education. See more about the talks we offer here.

To see the full list of activities we offer, please see our Schools Liaison Activities Guide.

The School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering have their own Schools Liaison Guide which can be viewed here.

Higher Education and Careers Fairs & UCAS Conventions

We attend Higher Education and Careers Fairs across the UK throughout the academic year, with our busiest time being March – June. These are attended either by a member of the Schools Liaison team or our Student Ambassadors. If you would like City to be represented at your fair, please email us with the information so we can add it to our events calendar. We appreciate as much notice as possible with dates for these events.

City also attend many UCAS Conventions. Find out which ones we will be at here.

Visits to City

Students can visit City in a number of ways:

Organised through teachers and advisers at schools/colleges:

Activities they can book on to themselves:

Prospective students can also sign up to our online platform CityConnect where they can attend online sessions and webcasts led by our academic staff.

Activities for teachers and advisers

We also run specific activities to support teachers and advisers:

We are always happy to answer any questions you have either yourself or on behalf of your students. If you have a specific question regarding a student’s application, please contact the relevant admissions department.

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