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About MIUA

Principles and purpose

MIUA is a multi-disciplinary annual conference. It aims to be the principal UK forum for communicating research progress within the community interested in image analysis applied to medicine and related biological sciences. This document defines the principles that specify the form and purpose of MIUA. In setting this document as a set of principles it is recognised that the form and purpose of the conference may change over time. The principles laid out in the document should be subject to review by the steering committee.

Interdisciplinary community

Medical Image Analysis is an intrinsically interdisciplinary activity, drawing on expertise from computer science, engineering, physics, clinical practice and fundamental bioscience. Many researchers with an interest in MIUA topics will also belong to wider communities in each of these disciplines, which overlap, but are not congruent with, the MIUA community.

Scope of the conference

MIUA concerns itself with the interpretation of images that are important to medicine and related biological sciences. The principal interest of the conference is in methods of analysis that extract meaningful and quantitative information from appropriate images. The images may come from established diagnostic or therapeutic imaging modalities, or from innovative developments of these, or novel experimental imaging methods. Other topics of interest include: the physical principles behind novel imaging methods, the theoretical and statistical basis for algorithm design, thorough and quantitative evaluations of image analysis applications that demonstrate the clinical or scientific validity of novel or established methods, and the use of image analysis to provide visual feedback during clinical procedures.


The conference takes place annually in the United Kingdom. The format of the conference is not specified in this statement of principles. It is likely that the format will evolve over time along with the size and interests of the community. However, it is important to retain some stability in the format. Annex 1 specifies the current format of the conference and the procedures for conducting it. Changes to the format and procedures should be discussed by the steering committee and approved by a majority of members. If such changes are agreed, Annex 1 should be amended accordingly so that there is an up-to date statement of how the conference should be conducted.

Criteria for inclusion

The main criterion for inclusion of papers in MIUA should be that the work described should make a contribution to the body of knowledge of the subject in the United Kingdom research community. As such, the work should be scientifically sound and recent. Novelty of the work itself, while desirable, is not of over-riding importance. MIUA can provide a useful forum for communicating interesting research that may have been published elsewhere, but which may not be widely known throughout the UK MIUA community. The key issue is that work should make a contribution to knowledge in terms of scientific or technical insight or quantitative analysis.