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Creatively enhancing employability through video assignment


Taqveem Ahmed - Assistant Educational Technologist | LEaD

Mona Vadher - Employer Engagement Manager | Student & Academic Services

Wiktor Lewandowski - Micro-Placements Programme Coordinator | Student & Academic Services

City, University of London is proud of its diverse student population which comprises of almost 60% from Widening Participation (WP) backgrounds, many of whom are under-represented in Higher Education.  The literature shows up to a 10% difference in graduate-level employment for WP vs. non-WP graduates, with the former up to three times more likely to be unemployed.  As such, we designed our Micro-Placements Programme (MPP) with the aim of improving the uptake of work experience and encourage students to identify and develop their transferable skills.

An element of this non-credit, module elective was incorporating video technology in the assessment as students had to produce a video blog, which focuses on consolidating learning and enhancing reflection.  Currently, this is embedded in the curriculum across ten-degree Programmes across four of City’s five Schools.  Next year, this will be expanded to a further three-degree courses and across all of City’s five Schools.  Our MPP  is one of the largest schemes of its kind in UK universities: a distinct, competitive offer which enhances our reputation with students and employers alike.


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