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Webinar: Developing digital solutions to the mental health challenges of the 21st century



Students, Academics

This event is a webinar. Joining details can be found on Moodle.

Speaker: Tarek R Besold, Chief Science Officer @ Alpha Health

Series: DataBites


Mental health is one of the big challenges of the 21st century, both on an individual and on a societal level. At Alpha Health we aim to develop digital solutions to some of the most pressing issues in mental health and wellbeing. In this talk we will have a look at several lines of R&D work currently ongoing as part of our bigger efforts, including work in emotion-aware AI, explainable AI, and privacy-preserving AI and corresponding applications in the context of Alpha Health's bigger vision.

I will give an overview of relevant approaches from a research and technology angle, but will also shed light on questions regarding ethical aspects of developing and deploying data-driven digital solutions in the (mental) health and wellbeing space.


Dr. Tarek R. Besold serves as the Chief Science Officer (CSO) at Alpha Health in Barcelona, leading a multidisciplinary team of researchers, designers and engineers developing digital mental health solutions within Telefonica’s moonshot factory Telefonica Innovation Alpha. Before joining Alpha, he was a Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Data Science at City, University of London, conducting research at the intersection between artificial intelligence, computational creativity, and cognitive systems.

Among others, Tarek holds positions as chairman of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN)’s National Working Group on Standards and Norms for AI, as a member of the AI Expert Council of Microsoft Germany, and as scientific advisor of the Berlin-based AI start-up

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When and where

1.00pmTuesday 26th May 2020