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Sampling vulnerable and mobile populations in household surveys




Speaker: Dana R. Thomson, Senior Analyst, Flowminder Foundation

Series: City-ESS HQ-NatCen survey methodology seminar series

In low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), household survey data are a main source of information for planning, evaluation, and decision-making. Standard surveys are based on censuses, however, many LMICs have an outdated census and face staggering urban growth rates. Over the last decade, survey designers have begun to use modelled gridded population estimates as alternative sample frames. This talk will summarize the state of gridded population sampling, showcase the website for selecting gridded population survey clusters, and outline research priorities for this emerging and promising new field.

Dana R. Thomson Senior Analyst at Flowminder Foundation and post-graduate researcher at the University of Southampton in the UK. The emphasis of Dana's research is identification of populations who are under-represented in large-scale household surveys, and development of tools and protocols that improve survey accuracy of, especially, vulnerable and mobile populations. Dana received a BA in Geography from George Washington University, MSc in Global Public Health from Harvard University, and MSc is Social Statistics from University of Southampton. She has worked in health service delivery or population research for over 15 years at AmeriCorps, the Brookings Institution, Johns Snow Inc (JSI), Measure DHS Project, World Bank, and Harvard University.

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When and where

5.45pm - 7.15pmThursday 12th September 2019

ELG01 Drysdale Building City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom