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Street Art and The Law



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Speaker: Professor Andrea Baldini, Nanjing University

A Philosophy Guide to Street Art and the Law


What is the relationship between street art and the law? In his latest book A Philosophy Guide to Street Art and the Law, Andrea Baldini argues that street art has a constitutive relationship with the law. A crucial aspect of the identity of this urban art kind depends on its capacity to turn upside down dominant uses of public spaces. Street artists subvert those laws and social norms that regulate the city. It is shown that street art has not only transformed public spaces and their functions into artistic material, but has also turned its rebellious attitude toward the law into a creative resource.

The book aims at elucidating and arguing for this claim, while drawing important implications at the level of street art’s metaphysics, value, and relationship with rights of intellectual property, in particular copyright and moral rights. At the other end of the spectrum of contractual art, street art is outlaw art.

Professor Andrea Baldini will present his latest book APhilosophy Guide to Street Art and the Law, with Dr Susan Hansen (Middlesex University), Dr Sabina Andron (University College London), Dr Rafael Schacter (University College London) and Dr Enrico Bonadio (City, University of London) discussing the arguments developed in the book.

About the speaker

Andrea Baldini is Associate Professor of Art Theory and Aesthetics at the School of Arts of Nanjing University and Director of the NJU Center for Sino-Italian Cultural Studies. A native of Italy, he studied as a Fulbright Fellow at the Department of Philosophy at Temple University in Philadelphia (USA). There, he obtained a Ph.D. writing a dissertation on philosophical issues of public art. Since 2015, he is also the coordinator of the Jinling Artist-in-Residence Program, whose aim is to promote cultural exchange between China and Italy.

He is generally interested in how creativity can influence our everyday lives and practices, and in particular the nature, uses, and functions of public spaces. Recently, his research has been focusing on theoretical issues emerging from street art’s institutionalization, with particular reference to this urban practice’s relationship with the law and the museum.

Baldini is also an independent curator. His curatorial works focuses on issues emerging in cross-cultural contexts of artistic and aesthetic appreciation. Since 2018, he is also a board member of AAIIC, the Association of Italian Scholars in China, and Young Ambassador of the Jiangsu Province.

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When and where

6.00pm - 8.00pmMonday 24th June 2019

A110 College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom