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All City staff are invited to Wellbeing at City.

Take time out of your day-to-day activities to focus on yourself, and network with colleagues. Attend workshops and join our interactive marketplace of ideas, activities and demonstrations to get inspired and recharged on 3 themes:

Healthy mind. Healthy body. Healthy community.

Pre-bookable Sessions:

**Please note photography and videography will be taking place at the event. If you do not wish to be filmed or photographed please make yourself known to the photographer and film crew.**

Access the full programme of the day here.

Healthy Mind

Stress Less

14:30 - 15:00, AG01

Take the stress out of your life. Keep calm and rise above it all. Explore strategies on how to slow down, have more work life balance and strengthen your stress response

Guided Meditation

13:30 - 14:00, AG01

A meditation booster to relax your mind, refresh your focus and recharge your energy.

Sushi Making

13:30 - 15:30, The Great Hall

Grab a colleague and learn the skills and techniques to make nutritious California sushi. You can then tuck in and enjoy your tasty homemade rolls.

Cooking and preparing food has a therapeutic power and has been proven to nourish your wellbeing and encourage a healthy mind. The healthy vegetables will also keep your brain and body healthy!

No fish or meat products will be used.

Positive Thinking

14:00 - 14:30, AG01

Rethink challenges, think opportunities. Rethink problems, think solutions. Understand how to train your mind to shift your attitude and flip negative to positive.

Wellbeing: Insight into Personal Resilience

Thursday 11 April, 09:30 - 12:30, AG01

This masterclass will provide you with a taste of a workplace personal resilience skills training program that has been adapted from an approach known as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). The session will be facilitated by Dr. Paul Flaxman from the psychology department. The aim of the session is to help you become clearer about your own personal values, and become more effective at moving towards who and what matters to you on a daily basis. Please note that that this will be a skills training session for staff, and not group therapy!

Paul is a Reader in Organisational Psychology at City, University of London. Since 2001, Paul has taken a prominent role in developing and evaluating ACT for staff in healthcare settings, local and central government organisations, and most recently for improving school teachers’ well-being. His latest ACT-based training protocol has been adopted by staff support practitioners across the UK, and also in Canada, the US, Australia, and Uganda. Paul’s ACT research has been published in leading applied psychology journals including Behaviour Research and Therapy, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, British Journal of Clinical Psychology, and Behavior Therapy

10 Minute Mind

Would you like to take the stress out of your day in only 10 minutes? Come along and try out our 10 minute mind podcast. Or sign up now City, University of London’s 10 Minute Mind.

Life can be stressful. It can be hard to keep up with the demands of study or employment and the fast pace of commuting into or living in London. With “City’s 10 Minute Mind” programme you can learn to manage your stress and be happier in only 10 short minutes a day. Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase focus and overall feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

The programme has been devised by Monique Rhodes who has been teaching mindfulness for over 10 years and is being delivered as a new joint programme available free to all City students and staff, in conjunction with the Student Counselling and Mental Health Service and the Organisational Development Team.

Unwind with Creative Arts - 'Block Printing'

10.30-13.00, The Great Hall

Learn how to create your own block print and then print your design onto a tea towel, tote bag or shoe bag.

Research shows that crafting has similar benefits to mindfulness and meditation – All reported to have a positive impact on mind health and well-being. This craft activity is designed so that anyone (no matter your level of ability) can craft and leave with something you have made by hand. The result is a very satisfying and mindful 30 minutes.

More inspiring and exciting activities will be announced soon!

Healthy Body

Smoothie Bike

Make your own nutritional fruit smoothie!

Massages - Pre-bookable and drop in

This is an energising routine performed through your clothing on a fully supportive massage chair. The treatment works key muscle groups and acupressure points to reinvigorate the mind and rid the body from areas of tension.

It has proven helpful in many conditions, and we see first-hand the benefits including: reduction in headaches; aches and pains in particular neck, shoulder and back pain, reduction in repetitive injuries to the hands and arms, reduced stress and increased awareness and immunity to bugs and germs.

No oils or creams are used during this treatment. As an alternative a hand and arm massage will also be offered.

Well Point Kiosk

The Wellpoint kiosk is a state-of-the-art touch-screen health kiosk, allowing individuals to measure their weight, body mass index, body fat content, blood pressure and heart rate.

Test results can be printed and sent to your email address. The tests take around 2-3 minutes - pop along for a go.

1:1 Nutrition Seminar - Pre-bookable and drop in

An opportunity to discuss your health through diet and nutrition. Book a 20 minute appointment with our dietician. To help us to focus, you can print and fill in the food diary a week in advance of your appointment and bring this along to your session.

Don't fancy an appointment? Visit the stand for an informal chat over lunch from 12.00 – 14.00.


AG01, 17.15 – 18.15

Unwind after a long day at work with a relaxing and rejuvenating yoga session. Grace Lucas is a researcher in Health Sciences at City, University of London and a part-time yoga teacher. She started practising yoga as an undergraduate and hasn't stopped since, trying out a range of yoga styles and returning to the mat daily for body-breath connection, strength and to get out of an over-busy head.

Grace believes in the power of a physical, mindful, attentive practice to cultivate a sense of wellbeing and her session will focus on the integration of breath and movement to help deal with the stresses of modern life; with a particular focus on the embodied nature of mental health.

For more details: e:

Sleep Well

The Great Hall – The Yurt, 11.30am – 12.30pm

How much sleep is enough? What is normal sleep? Why do we sleep?

Many of us are plagued with bad sleep, we wake early in the morning and cannot get back to sleep, we toss and turn at night and cannot get off to sleep, we wake unrefreshed and push ourselves through the week, catching up on sleep at weekends, thus sabotaging any hope we had of finding a routine!

This session will explore sleep stages and rhythms, dispel common sleeping myths, consider sleep problems and talk about solutions to some of the common sleep problems to help you gain a good nights sleep every night.

Facilitated by Gillian Burn.

Gillian provides training programmes, consultancy and coaching for individuals and companies to improve health and quality of life. Her background covers nursing, midwifery, health visiting, including experience working in the Australian outback with the Flying Doctor Service and 12 years with BUPA.

Gillian has a masters degree in exercise and health sciences, is a qualified master practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming, time line therapy® and in creating healthy environments. She has management qualifications and is a licensed instructor with Tony Buzan for training in Mind Mapping® and speed reading techniques.

Alongside training courses and conference presentations, Gillian also teaches Pilates exercise.  She writes for various magazines and journals and is the author of The Energy & Well-Being and The NLP Pocketbook, published by Management Pocketbooks and Motivation for Dummies published by John Wiley & Sons

Cholesterol Check

Join our nurse for a ten minute health chat and opportunity to have your cholesterol and glucose levels checked.

This test does require a finger prick and is not accurate during pregnancy.

City Sport Fitness Classes

Dynamic Yoga: Monday 8 April, 07:15 – 08:15 (CitySport Gym, 124 Goswell Rd)

Get on your yoga mat with this contemporary variation of the fast-paced Astanga Vinyasha yoga, which gives you the chance to leave CitySport toned and reenergised. This is a fluid, lively form of movement originating from India and is much less static than the traditional yoga styles.

The Dynamic yoga postures are inspired by the natural movements of the body and increase your responsiveness to physical sensations. This yoga class blends vigorous and tension-releasing breathing and meditation with flowing movement, creating a feeling of lightness, ease and relaxation. The series of choreographed postures aim to develop your strength, balance and flexibility but also focus on your body alignment and specific needs.

This yoga class can help you correct your posture, improve your breathing technique and maintain healthy internal organs. This yoga practice is suitable for beginners to more experienced yogis regardless of their shape, size, age or ability.

AfroBeats: Tuesday 9 April, 17:45 - 18:45 (CitySport Gym, 124 Goswell Rd)

Further details to be anounced soon.

Zumba: Wednesday 10 April, 12:15 – 13:00 (CitySport Gym, 124 Goswell Rd)

Dance with your whole body and feel the rhythm of this uplifting aerobics class which will loosen you up and lift your spirits. While gaining a good cardio workout featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance, this choreographed class will take you on a journey that can considerably elevate your fitness level while you have fun.

What makes this dance class unique is the special energetic blend of moves inspired by hip-hop, salsa, merengue and mambo dance traditions, but also its freedom that allows you to enjoy yourself while burning calories.

Zumba workout is the perfect option for those who are willing to introduce a fun dance class into their exercise routine.

Step: Thursday 11 April, 17:45 - 18:30 (CitySport Gym, 124 Goswell Rd)

Further details to be announced soon.

Feeding Minds - Keeping your brain healthy

The Great Hall – The Yurt, 1.00pm – 1.30pm

Did you know the Brain is the fattest organ of the body and the most complex structure known to mankind?

Our action packed workshop will get your brains buzzing with new research into that gut feeling.  We explore the gut brain connection, look at brain fog, anxiety and poor memory and the reasons behind these common afflictions.  

What happens to your brain when you age and how to keep it healthy, and why are some things bad for your brai. We explore the chemicals of emotions – how and where are they made? and why do we need them? Help us solve the mystery of Okinawa in Japan where there are very low levels of dementia, and we have a test for you – test your Zinc – (it won’t hurt!).

Facilitated by Magdalena Wronska

Magdalena is a nutrition and diet educator and speaker with a special interest in the optimum nutrition and lifestyle approaches to mental health, stress and longevity.  She has over 12 years’ experience working as a Lecturer in diet, nutrition, health and business related subjects. Currently, she is a programme leader for a college offering Diploma and BSc courses in Nutritional Therapy and a leading tutor in Diet and Nutrition in the National Residential College for Women. Magdalena completed MSc in Personalised Nutrition with distinction, MSc in Commodity Science and is also an NLP practitioner.

Tai Chi: Self-Defence Class

AG04, 10.30 - 11.30am

Tai Chi is an internal martial art so by not using brute force but through circular movement you can neutralise attack and at same time use opponents energy to attack. 

Join us for a self-defence session of Tai Chi we will learn some basic Tai chi forms (brush knee and push, play guitar, single whip, white crane spreads wings...) and show in slow movement how to use them for simple attacks like punching, grabbing, pushing, building health and wellbeing at the same time.

More inspiring and exciting activities will be announced soon!

Healthy Community

Finding a Better Work-Life Balance: An introduction to Flexible Working at City

AG02, 13.00 - 14.00

City is committed to Flexible Working. In an interactive session, Trade Union reps will guide staff through the University’s Flexible Working policy, looking at the application process, different types of flexible working and the application form itself. We will hear about good practice at City and there will be a chance to share experience from your own department.

Walking Tours - St Luke's - The Original Health District

Pick up points:

  • 12.00 Northampton Square Main Entrance
  • 12.30 106 Bunhill Row (next to the reception desk)

Finishing points:

  • 13.00 Northampton Square
  • 13.30 Bunhill Row

Join Jiff Bayliss, our local Islington guide, on this hour-long circular walk between our offices to see and hear about the influence our area has had in contributing to the development of caring health services across the world.

Before it became known as the Silicon Roundabout, the area between our campuses at Northampton Square and Bunhill Row was known as St Luke’s after the old Hawksmoor church on Old Street. In C16, this area was all fields and fresh air making it safe for the first quarantine hospital for plague victims to be built here in 1593. This was the first of 8 hospitals in the area which themselves provoked many innovations and support in the provision of health care.

City's Research Showcase

Ulrika Hultgren is a PhD student at The Coaching Psychology Unit, City University of London and a licensed psychologist, member of the Swedish and British Psychological Society. Her thesis explores if different applications of solution focused cognitive behavioural coaching can enhance wellbeing at work.

She is also involved in a research project at Mälardalen University in Sweden, exploring if leaders by using a team coaching approach can improve subjective wellbeing in their teams. Her research interests lie in examining factors that influence coaching effectiveness at work. Ulrika Hultgren is particularly interested in proactive interventions in organisations and E-health.

Cultivating Compassion

AG02, 14.30 – 16.00

  • Do you find yourself being critical without realising?
  • Do you tend to blame yourself for everyday situations - social interactions, grades, relationships?
  • Do you compare yourself to others which can make you feel inferior?

Understand how survival, status, competition and comparisons are inbuilt in our brains. However, other capacities are also innate- these include connection, care, kindness, altruism, seeking care from others when distressed. Developing compassion takes wisdom, strength, commitment and courage. It can change how you view yourself, others and the world.

The workshop will help you to:

  • Develop an understanding on how evolution and social experience shape our 'tricky brains'.
  • Understand the 3 emotional regulating systems - and how emotions guide our motives.
  • Practice attention training, mindfulness and imagery.
  • Understand the function of the self-critic and respond in a compassionate, assertive way.

Play board games

Network and have fun with colleagues and play a range of the favourite board games:

  • Giant Jenga
  • Operation
  • Mindflex
  • Connect 4
  • Battleship
  • Kerplunk

How well do you know the Student’s Union?

Take part in our interactive boardgame and find out if you know how our services support student wellbeing. You might even win a prize!

City's Community Groups

Find out more about City's Community Groups:

  • City Volunteering
  • Carrot Runners
  • Sustainability
  • FACE - Families and Carers Exchange network
  • Choir Group (including a short performance at 1pm)

More inspiring and exciting activities will be announced soon!

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When and where

10.30am - 3.30pmThursday 11th April 2019

Great Hall College Building City, University of London 10 Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom