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Navigating the gendered terrain of promotion: An in-depth look at women’s experiences


Panel Discussions


The Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team at SASS cordially invites you to a panel on:

“Navigating the gendered terrain of promotion: An in-depth look at women’s experiences”

The panellists will include: Tina Forster (Professor in Psychology), Corinna Hawkes (Professor in Food Policy), Lis Howell (Professor in Journalism), Mireia Jofre-Bonet (Professor in Economics), and Carla Willig (Professor in Psychology)

This panel will bring together female professors across the School of Arts and Social Sciences who have navigated the gendered terrain of promotion whilst working in academia. All panellists have earned impressive leadership credentials in academia and have taken many paths in achieving their individual career success. Dealing with the complexities and challenges on their quest to achieving success, our panellists will share their experiences and main lessons learnt during their journeys towards promotion. This session is open to anyone who would like to learn about the promotion experience through the female lens or who would like to know more about the hopes and fears of women wanting to become professors (more information on the panellists below).

Lindsey Blumell (Chair) is a Lecturer in Journalism and serves as a member on the SASS Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team.  Her research interests focus on how human rights are covered in various types of news platforms, focusing particularly on women's rights.

Tina Forster is a Professor in Psychology and leads the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit and is co-director of the Centre for Psychological Well-being and Neuroscience. Professor Forster joined City in 2004, and contributes to teaching on the BSc Psychology and the MSc in Clinical, Social and Cognitive Neuroscience. Prior to joining City she held research positions at Birkbeck College, University of London, and the University of Verona, Italy.

Corinna Hawkes is a Professor in Food Policy and Director of the Centre for Food Policy as well as Chair of one of its leading initiatives, the Food Research Collaboration. She joined the Centre in January 2016 bringing with her a diversity of international experience at the interface between policy and research. She has worked with international agencies, governments, NGOs, think tanks and universities at the international level, as well as nationally and locally in the UK, United States and Brazil. A regular advisor to governments, international agencies and NGOs, her specialism is how policies throughout the food system can be developed, designed and delivered to effectively support people eating healthier diets.

Lis Howell is Professor in Journalism and is a major award-winning journalist and broadcasting executive who has worked for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Sky News. She was Senior Vice-President at Flextech Television (later Virgin Media) where she founded Living TV, now a key channel on Sky. Professor Howell joined City’s journalism department as a visiting lecturer in television in 2002, started the postgraduate programme on Television Current Affairs in 2003, later becoming Director of Broadcasting while running both the current affairs and broadcast journalism courses.

Mireia Jofre-Bonet is a Professor in Economics and joined City in 2006 and subsequently became Director of the MSc in Health Economics and the MSc in Economic Evaluation in Healthcare at City. She is a Senior Associate Researcher at LSE Health Policy (London School of Economics and Political Sciences), collaborates with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, belongs to the London International Development Centre and is an Expert Adviser for the NICE Centre for Guidelines.

Carla Willig is a Professor of Psychology and has worked at City since 1999. Professor Willig is also a practising Counselling Psychologist and has a long-standing interest in qualitative research methodology in general, and discourse analysis in particular. She is concerned with the epistemological bases of different approaches to qualitative research and  has published widely on this and related subjects. She is the author of a best-selling textbook on qualitative research which is now in its third edition and has been translated into five languages.

Please contact Jessica Jones Nielsen for further information.

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3.00pm - 4.00pmWednesday 27th June 2018

DLG09 Rhind Building City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom

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