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Ian Pace at Fifty – Tributes and Early Modernism




N.B. Early start time.

To celebrate Ian Pace’s 50th birthday, a group of international composers have all written short piano pieces in tribute to him. These were collected by US composer Evan Johnson, who wrote that this collection was 'in recognition of a career built around the persistent championing of young or unduly ignored composers, and of difficult or otherwise unreasonable music: the sort often thankless effort that can indelibly shape a nascent compositional career, build decades-long collaborations, and begin to change the face of a repertoire'. Twenty-three world premieres will form one half of the concert, and in the other half Ian will perform four other lesser-known early twentieth-century piano works: Arthur Lourié’s sensuous and ultra-chromatic Deux poèmes op. 8 (1912), Stefan Wolpe’s brutalist Sonata for piano, op. 1 (1925), Frederic Mompou’s aloof Charmes (1920-21), and Roger Sessions’ lyrical and brilliant Piano Sonata No. 1 (1930).

Full programme:

  • Arthur Lourié, Deux poèmes op. 8 (1912)
  • Stefan Wolpe, Sonata for piano. Op. 1 (1925)
  • Frederic Mompou, Charmes (1920-21)
  • Roger Sessions, Piano Sonata No. 1 (1930)


  • Christopher Fox, Fifty Points of Light (2017) (WP)
  • James Dillon, amethyst (2018) (WP)
  • Roddy Hawkins, Down-Time for Ian (2007, rev. 2017) (WP)
  • Lauren Redhead, nothing really changes (2017) (WP)
  • Mic Spencer, A Maze I(a)n (S)pace (Space [G]race) (2017) (WP)
  • Michael Finnissy, Were we born yesterday? (2017) (WP)
  • Sadie Harrison, gentle (2017) (WP)
  • Ben Smith, burnt (2017-18) (WP)
  • Patrícia Sucena de Almeida, Desperatio (piano piece no. 5) (2017-18) (WP)
  • Alwynne Pritchard, New Work (2018) (WP)
  • Paul Obermayer, New Work (electronic music) (2018) (WP)
  • William Alberto Penafiel Miranda, Fragment aus einem gebrochenen Geist „kaum intakt“ (2018) (WP)
  • Walter Zimmermann, Stars for Ian (2017) (WP)
  • Ian Pace, auseinandergerissene Hälften (2018) (WP)
  • Jesse Ronneau, AGHB (2017) (WP)
  • Eleri Angharad Pound, pbh (2017-18) (WP)
  • Morgan Hayes, Comparison (2018) (WP of revised version)
  • Marc Yeats, exordium (2017) (WP)
  • Alannah Marie Halay, Progress always comes late (2017) (WP)
  • Nigel McBride, wide stare stared itself (2017-18) (WP)
  • Alistair Zaldua, Sylph Figures for Ian Pace (2017) (WP)
  • Wieland Hoban, Whiptail (2017) (WP)
  • Evan Johnson (2017) qu’en joye on vous demaine (2017) (WP)

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6.30pm - 8.30pmFriday 20th April 2018

Performance Space College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom

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