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Informing the Design of PIM Tools in Cross-Media Information Spaces


Staff, Students, Alumni, Academics

Speakers: Sandra Trullemans, Vrje Universiteit, Brussels

Series: HCID Research Seminars

Seminar Abstract

The research area of Personal Information Management (PIM) studies how people keep, organise and re-find personal information such as digital and paper documents or photos.

In addition, researchers explored the design of tools to make these PIM activities easier for the user. While there is a significant amount of research informing the design of PIM tools for digital media, much less is known about the design space of PIM tools for so-called cross-media information spaces where physical information carriers such as paper documents are unified with digital media.

In order to enable the design of PIM tools for cross-media information spaces, we first have to track the position of physical artefacts together with some metadata such as the last used date or in which task the document is used. In addition, an information architecture needs to be defined for storing the state of the complex cross-media information space. Finally, cross-media PIM tools can be designed for the digital and physical information space and enable the seamless transition between these spaces.

We will show examples of cross-media PIM tools in these different information spaces.

About the speaker:

Sandra Trullemans is a PhD student in the Web & Information Systems Engineering (WISE) Laboratory at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel under the guidance of Prof. Beat Signer.

Her PhD is funded by the Agency of Innovation and Technology of Flanders. She holds a Bachelor in Management Sciences with a specialisation in work psychology. Sandra gained her Master of Science in Applied Sciences and Engineering: Applied Computer Science degree in 2013 with greatest distinction. She further received the award for the best Master's thesis and excellent final grades of the Engineering Faculty by the society of Brussels engineers.

The combination of psychology and engineering in her education enables Sandra to take a user-centric approach to the design of interactive systems in the domain of Personal Cross-Media Information Management. Her other fields of interest include end-user development, pen-based Interaction, tangible interfaces and human-information interaction. Finally, Sandra is a teaching assistant for courses dealing with next generation user interfaces and information visualisation.

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When & where

1.00pm - 2.00pmFriday 27th January 2017

AG10 College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom