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Migrant Care Workers in the UK and Norway




About the event 

At the seminar Karen Christensen and Ingrid Guldvik will present their book: Migrant Care Workers Searching for New Horizons, Ashgate 2014.

The book is empirically based on life stories of migrant care workers in the UK and Norway and gives insight into how migration policies, welfare policies (including the personalisation policies) and different cultural values in the two countries set the context for how migrant care workers can realise their life projects.

The migrant care workers are seen as individuals who actively construct their lives within the options and conditions they are given at any time. The findings point at important differences between migrant care workers’ life trajectories, gender roles in care work, working conditions and relationship with service users in the two countries, but also at similarities. In general, the study is a contribution to the current and important discussion of the role and status of social care work carried out by migrants in a world of ageing societies.

About the speakers

Karen Christensen has been a visiting researcher at City University London, and King’s College London, and is currently the Head of Department of Sociology in Bergen. During her career she has researched and published in areas such as modernisation of social care services, new welfare service relationships, care policy practices, disability and independent lives, comparative social policy and migration impacting on care work.

Ingrid Guldvik has researched and published in areas such as gender quotas, women’s political representation, as well as political representation among disabled people, new welfare service relationships, especially personal assistance, and migration impacting on care work.


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When and where

1.00pm - 2.15pmTuesday 12th May 2015

AG08 College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom