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Feminism and 'the S-word'*



Speakers: Deborah Grayson, Mandy Merck, Hilary Wainwright, Nira Yuval-Davis

Chair: Jo Littler

Feminism and 'the S-word'*  

Room BG03, University Building

A large proportion of second-wave feminism from the 1960s and 1970s onward loudly proclaimed itself to be practising 'socialist feminism'; and many influential feminist academics and activists have, for a long time, used and claimed the designation for both their position and the kind of society they would like to see. In the UK, in the Thatcher and Blair years, though, it became a term that was somewhat less used. In part this mirrored a more general shift under neoliberal culture in which 'socialism' moved from being a living part of national political discourse -- its practices palpable in the Welfare State and the NHS - to being re-oriented as an 'ideological' position shunted outside the centre. This seminar reconsiders the influential currents of socialist feminism. It asks: how is socialist feminism being rediscovered and reinvented by a new generation? Does it encompass a diverse set of positions or has it been colonised by particular political groups? Is socialist feminism still a politically or strategically useful term? What does it mean?

This is a Gender and Sexuality Research Forum event, and part of the 'Intergenerational Feminisms' series organised by Jo Littler and Alison Winch.

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When & where

5.00pm - 7.00pmWednesday 4th March 2015

University Building University Building City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom