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Music with the Real




Music with the Real: New contexts for sound and image in performance and composition.

Location: Performance Space, College Building.

The inclusion of concrete sounds into music is not a novelty. However, instead of exploring non-musical sound material as alternative to purely instrumental ones, composers today strive for new and non-hierarchical relationships between music and extra-musical information that reveal peculiar aspects of things or facts commonly found in everyday life.

This seminar examines the practices of composers actively engaged in letting the outside world into their music. Further, it gives an insight on how the inclusion of the “real” affects performers, other musical genres, and artists from other disciplines such as theatre.

Lastly, it looks at these new practices form the point of view of semantics: What new languages are created when “real-life” sounds meet purely musical material? What new dialogues and meanings come to the fore?

Performances by:

  • Johannes Kreidler (video/piano)
  • Tanja Orning (cello)
  • Gwenaëlle Rouger (piano)
  • Håkon Stene (percussion)

Lectures by:

  • Joanna Bailie (PhD fellow, City University)
  • Dr.Matthew Shlomowitz (Composition Lecturer, Southampton University)
  • Carola Bauckholt (Prof. of Composition, Anton Bruckner University, Linz)
  • Henrik Hellstenius (Prof. of Composition, Norwegian Academy of Music)
  • Dr. Alan Ingram (Senior Lecturer, University College London)


Joanna Bailie – Trains, for cello & recorded sound (10’)
Joanna Bailie – Artificial Environments 8, 1st movement, for piano & recorded sound (6’)
Johannes Kreidler – Introduction to the Sociology of Music, for Power Point (4’)
Johannes Kreidler – Weight Levels, for piano and video (3’30”)
Johannes Kreidler – Charts Music, for video (4’)
Matthew Shlomowitz – Weird Twin from Popular Contexts, Volume 1, for piano and sampler (4’)
Matthew Shlomowitz – Comfortably Glock, and Exotic Tourism in Recorded Sound History from Popular Contexts, Volume 8, for percussion and samples
Carola Bauckholt – In Familiar Surroundings III, for cello, piano and video (17’)


10:00 - Joanna Bailie – Squeezing out the Music from Real Sound
11:00 - Johannes Kreidler – Music with Music
13:00 - Matthew Shlomowitz – Real World Sound in Relational Music
14:00 - Carola Bauckholt – Noise Tones and Coffee Cups: on sound and reality in her own works
15:30 - Alan Ingram – Art, Aesthetics and Geopolitics
16:00 - Henrik Hellstenius – Signs, Language and Music
16:15 - 17:30 - Open discussion (moderated by Prof. Henrik Hellstenius)

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When and where

10.00am - 5.30pmTuesday 1st December 2015

Performance Space College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom

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