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Short Course and Forum on CFD in positive displacement machines



The University will present the second series of courses on compressor technology with emphasis on screw compressors. This course is dedicated to advanced topics in application of CFD to rotary positive displacement machines for industrial use and research. Topics to be covered include: grid generation for complex geometries, advances in CFD methods, turbulence modelling and validation of CFD performance prediction, Integration with CAD and Industrial applications. It will be delivered by the leading experts in CFD, vendors of CFD codes, academics and industrial users.

The course and forum will take place at the Northampton Square site of City University London prior to the 8th Conference on Compressors and their Systems on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September 2013. The course will be delivered in 6 sessions which last 1hr and 30 minutes each. Each block will consist of 1 to 3 lectures. Three blocks will be delivered on each day of the course. The discussion forum will take place at the end of each day in order to address the issues identified during the course. 

The cost of this course for non-conference delegates is £480 (including VAT)

Booking for this course is via the International Conference on Compressors and their Systems booking page.


Saturday 7th September - 0900-1600

  • 0900-0905: Welcome and Introduction
  • 0905-1045: Session 1:
    • General CFD with emphasis on modelling positive displacement machines, including capabilities of StarCCM+. By Professor Milovan Peric of Adapco CD                                                  
  • 1045-1100: Coffee break                                                            
  • 1100-1230: Session 2: Grid generation theory and practice
    • 1) Grid generation and CFD analysis in Screw Compressors. By Professor Ahmed Kovacevic of City University London
    • 2) ANSA and META for pre and post processing of industrial applications. By Mr Konstantions Haliskos of Beta CAE Systems S.A. Greece (Vendor of grid generation software)
  • 1230-1330: Lunch                   
  • 1330-1500: Session 3: Available CFD codes, theory and practice
    • 1) Use of Ansys CFX and Fluent for analysis of positive displacement machines. By Ansys (CFD vendor)
    • 2) Application of full 3D and 1D/3D modelling in IC engines. By Dr Vlado Przulj, Ricardo, UK (CFD vendor in Automotive industry)
  • 1500-1515: Coffee break                    
  • 1515-1600: Forum 1: CFD and Grid Generation. Moderated by Professor Ahmed Kovacevic

Sunday 8th September - 0930-1645

  • 0930-1100: Session 4: Industrial application of CFD in screw compressors
    • 1) Jack Sauls of Trane, Ingersoll Rand, USA
    • 2) Dr Maria Pascu - Howden Compressors Ltd, Glasgow UK
  • 1100-1115: Coffee break                    
  • 1115-1245: Session 5: Application of CFD in other Positive displacement compressors   
    • 1) Modelling piston compressors. By Professor Cesar J. Deschamps, Federal University of St.Catarina, Brasil 
    • 2) Modelling scroll compressors. By 'TBC'
  • 1245-1400: Lunch                    
  • 1400-1530: Session 6: Future CFD developments in positive displacement compressors                    
    • 1) Recent developments in grid generation for Screw Compressors. By Mr Sham Rane of City University London
    • 2) Opportunities for modelling multiphase flows in positive displacement machines. By Professor Manolis Gavaises of City University London
  • 1530-1545: Coffee                    
  • 1545-1645: Forum 2: Future of CFD in positive displacement compressors. Moderated by Professor Ahmed Kovacevic                    
  • 1800-2000: 8th International Conference on Compressors and their Systems - Reception and Early Registration                    

Booking for this course is via the International Conference on Compressors and their Systems booking page.

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When & where

From Saturday 7th September 2013 to Sunday 8th September 2013

College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB UK

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