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Lost for Words: Embodying Law through Tanztheatre


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Dr Miriam Aziz, Visiting Professor at Cardozo Law School, lawyer and artist, explores the link between law and dance at Lost for Words: Embodying Law through Tanztheatre.

What is the link between law and dance? To what extent does this link enable is to examine the many ways we perceive law as an art of story-telling? What does it have to offer about revising ideas about what we mean when we lay claim to translating ideas about social justice into laws ?

In 2011, Dr Aziz established a performance art laboratory called Artist (s) at Large to explore ideas about law and rule based approaches to creativity as well as copyright and authorship. The lab was also conceived as a creative platform for law teaching, thereby adapting the case method.

On 20 October 2012, Dr Aziz premiered a performance piece called "Lost for Words" at the DiMenna Center with Artist (s) at Large. The piece explored ideas of witness, testimony, truth & reconciliation with and beyond text. Dr Aziz's subsequent paper places this experience within the context of a research and teaching agenda that is both innovative and imaginative, and has consequences for legal theory, legal practice, scholarship and teaching.

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When & where

3.00pm - 5.00pmThursday 2nd May 2013

City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom