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Worried About Job Prospects?

If you are graduating in 2012 or 2013 and you are worried about getting a job, then spend an evening finding out about another option.

According to Government statistic, the number of unemployed in the age group of 16 - 24 is already over one million. There is little sign that this is likely to improve in the next two years. If you are graduating in 2012 or 2013, then this statistic might be a concern for you. However, it is not all bad news. As a graduate from City University London, you are uniquely placed to explore other possibilities.

Did you know that there is a £10 million venture capital fund based out of the Cass Business School that is looking to invest in digital businesses?

Did you know that there is a unit at the University that can help you to build a business plan?

With us so near to the Silicon Roundabout we are uniquely placed to take advantage of the revolution that is happening on our doorsteps.

This event we will explain how you can become entrepreneurs and start your own businesses. You will be able to put questions to a panel of people who are currently working in a start up company or who have recently worked in a start up company. You will also be able to network with students from different disciplines who are interested in starting up a business.

Rather than taking a job in retail or catering, perhaps you might like to work with us and others and try to start a business. You might be a business student who does not know anything about technology or engineering. You might be a technology student or a engineering student who does not know much about business. You might even be a student in other faculties who have a business idea and wish to meet other students with the skills to help you make it happen. This event is for you.

At this event, we will explain how you can start a business from ,
•    Developing an idea for a business,
•    finding like-minded people who supplement your skill and knowledge base
•    thinking through and building a business plan
•    obtaining funding for your business.

You will also have an opportunity to ask questions of a panel of people who have already trod such a path.

After the formal events, we will provide an opportunity for you to mingle with like-minded students and alumni from other Schools over a few refreshments.

So if you are worried about getting a job and want to explore other options, sign up to this event.

We will only admit registered attendees so sign up early.

The Agenda

18:00 The myths perpetrated by Dragon's Den and the Apprentice with David Chan
18:15 How the enterprise Office can help you plan with Tim Meldrum
18:35 Accessing Capital - the Cullum Fund with Jane Reoch
18:55 Start Up Panel - Q and A with Peter Blue, CTO and; Greg Drach, Director Inscribe; Greg Slabaugh, ex-CTO Medical Imaging; Alex Berezovskiy CEO Letolab; Jay Stow, InnoCentive
19:15 Refreshments and networking

Speaker biographies

Greg Drach is a final year undergraduate student at Cass Business School of BSc Investment and Financial Risk Management. After completing two years at the university he decided to take a gap year and focus on a business venture he had co-founded - Inscribe Media. The company - a media boutique - helps graduate recruiters and student friendly companies to advertise to students on campus. Inscribe's core activity is to supply free high quality university branded paper notebooks to students. A selected amount of advertisers feature their ads on subject dividers, sponsoring the entire initiative.

Peter Blue has developed many Internet start-ups (like on very small budgets using free, open source software like Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

He has experience in many areas of technology including dynamic web sites, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), anti-spam techniques, databases and various types of servers.

Dr. Greg Slabaugh is currently a Senior Lecturer in the School of Informatics at City University, where he lectures on computer graphics and performs research in visual computing.  Prior to this, he has worked at two start-up companies; most recently at Medicsight, a London-based start-up where he was the Head of Research and Development.  At Medicisight, Greg led a team of researchers and software developers in advanced technology for detection of pre-cancerous lesions in medical images of the colon and lungs.  Greg directed the company's research strategy, external research collaborations, intellectual property portfolio, and scientific publications.  He contributed to the company's regulatory approvals (including FDA approval) of a class-II medical device.  He secured two Technology Strategy Board grants and an EU FP7 grant for research-intensive SMEs.  Greg also worked at Friendly Software, a computer-games company in the USA, where he was a lead software developer and implemented the graphics engine for the golf game, Greg Norman Ultimate Challenge Golf.

Greg has a broad background in computer vision, image processing, and computer graphics.  He earned a PhD (highest honours) in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in the USA. He has over 10 years' experience working in industry, holding research and development positions at small and large companies, including the companies previously mentioned as well as Siemens and Hewlett-Packard.  Greg has over 70 academic publications, 18 granted patents, and over 40 patents pending in the fields of medical image analysis, computational geometry, and 3D computer vision.  He is a Senior Member of IEEE and served an Associate Editor of IEEE Signal Processing Magazine (2007 - 2012)

Jay Stow is Ideation & Design Executive with the Grand Challenges Division at InnoCentive. He has a BA in History from Sussex University and an MSc in Environmental Economics and Policy from Imperial College London. After round one of university (and a long adventure around the world) Jay moved to London and spent four years working as a support worker for people with learning disabilities in Islington. He started his MSc course in 2009 and ended up specialising in Systems of Innovation, writing his prize-winning final thesis on 'Innovation Prizes, Electric Cars and the Innovation System'.
Delighted to find the only innovation competition company in Europe had recently started up, Jay began working for OmniCompete in 2011. OmniCompete has since been acquired by leading US innovation management company InnoCentive, in early 2012. InnoCentive is striving to affect a paradigm shift in global systems of innovation, through the promotion of challenge-centred thinking and inducement prize competitions. The Grand Challenges Division focuses on inspiring major innovation solutions... for example, we are currently working on 'curing' spinal cord injury. During his spare time, Jay enjoys reading, writing and overly-ambitious personal research projects. He has done a fair bit of travelling in his time: exploring Europe, Asia, Australia and South America in a series of long adventures.

Alex Berezovskiy is the CEO of LetoLab, a London Start-up Agency. He works with technology start-ups and new ventures from all over the world, helping them to minimise their expenses and launch as fast as possible. He works closely with his team, sometimes around the clock, to suit everyone's time zone. When he is not working on a client project, he's working on a new start-up idea of his team as a new project or just a market test.

Alex is an expert in software engineering with a solid understanding of many aspects of software and web development. He enjoys trying out new ideas and exploring new ways to leverage technology to make the world a better (and more friendly) place to live.

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5.30pm - 8.00pmWednesday 28th March 2012

Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre Tait Building City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom

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