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Lunchtime Concert: City Daf and Parvaz Ensembles




Series: Lunchtime Concert Series


Part 1:

City Daf Ensemble is a 15 member percussion-based ensemble performing melodies and rhythms of various regions of Iran.

This 15 minute performance is based on melodies and rhythms inspired by Kurdish magham music.

This is a percussive sound playing some of the most authentic Kurdish dance tunes.

Part 2:

Parvaz Ensemble was established in 1984 by London-based musicians Arash Moradi and Fariborz Kiani. Parvaz Ensemble's music is based on Kurdish magham music of Iran considered to be one of the oldest music geres in the world dating back to more than 3000 ago. The secret for the survival of this ancient art form is in its capability to adopt new forms of expression and to collaborate with other music cultures of the world while maintaining its purity.

Since its formation Parvaz has collaborated extensively with various musicians with different music backgrounds. John Banks, Idris Rahman, Clare Salaman, Andrew Gibson are but to name a few.

In this performance Parvaz is collaborating with the prominent Qanoun (plucked dulcimer) player Niloufar Habibian.

Niloufar Habibian studied the classical Persian music repertoire known as Radeef and trained with the grand Maestro Mohammad Reza Lotfi. She later joined the renowned Chavosh Ensemble under the directorship of Maestro Lotfi with whom she performed as a solo Qanoun player in various recordings and public performances.

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When and where

1.10pm - 1.50pmWednesday 21st March 2012

Performance Space College Building City, University of London St John Street London EC1V 4PB United Kingdom

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