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Moments and Methods: Challenges in altered lives after brain injury




Registration & lunch 12:30, seminar 13:00

Speakers: Paul Barrett, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in Professional Practice, City University London, a director of Brí – acquired brain injury advocacy association, Ireland

Paul Barrett has been a long-term researcher into people's life courses after Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI, usually from a head injury).  He had a severe head injury himself 20 years ago.

TBI causes a major alteration of life, both for injured people and their families. With moderate or severe TBI, the person usually changes abruptly from good general health to a state of chronic illness and disability. There are long-lasting or permanent physical, cognitive, emotional and social problems, which can improve through gradual part-recovery and developing new coping skills.

Researching people's lives after TBI is challenging. Quantitative measures (of neuropsychological competencies or of life progress stages) can be undetailed, under-realistic or mistargeted. Qualitative research can be restricted by participants' cognitive impairments, fatigue, distractibility or loss of motivation.

In this seminar Paul Barrett presents TBI individuals' self-management successes and failures in running their lives (with or [usually] without time-limited formal rehabilitation). Using a critical realist research method he gives new insights into TBI individuals' lived experiences.

Paul has previously researched disabled people's communications for Joseph Rowntree Trust, for mobile phone companies and for Ofcom while writing his PhD on vocational rehabilitation for TBI people and working with other TBI people in the UK and Ireland. He was a journalist and copywriter before his head injury.

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12.30pmTuesday 9th November 2010

The Northampton Suite B University Building City, University of London Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB United Kingdom

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