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Javanese Gamelan




Series: City University Concert Series

City University Javanese Gamelan Ensemble plays this traditional percussion orchestra
consisting primarily of tuned gongs, various metallophones and drums.

There are two sets of instruments, one set for each tuning system: slendro (a five-note scale) and pelog (a seven-note scale), each of which employs several pathet or modes. The layout of the instruments reflects their musical functions. A series of metallophones is placed in the middle of the gamelan and plays the core melody, or balungan (literally, 'skeleton'). At the back are various sets of gongs which punctuate the melody and define its form/structure. At the front are an assortment of instruments which decorate the melody in different ways. The whole ensemble is led by a set of drums called kendhang.

Pieces range from soft and delicate to powerful and stark, and often
accompany dance or shadow-puppet theatre.

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When and where

12.00am - 12.00amThursday 6th May 2010