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Designing with Texture




1pm - 2pm

Series: Hosted by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice

Speaker: Alan Blackwell is Reader in Interdisciplinary Design at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, with qualifications in professional engineering, computer science and experimental psychology. He has over 20 years experience of designing industrial systems, electronic and software products, and more recently as a consultant to design and research organisations. He has taught design courses and supervised postgraduate design research students in Computing, Architecture, Psychology, Languages, Music and Engineering. He holds fellowships, advisory and visiting posts at Anglia Ruskin University, City University London, the University of Colorado at Boulder, Victoria University of Wellington and Darwin College Cambridge, and has consulted or carried out contract research for companies including Boeing, Nokia, Intel, Microsoft and many others.

Abstract: Good engineering is simple and clean, but compelling media experiences are richly textured, often involving layers of perceptual, social and cognitive complexity. How can technology researchers anticipate and accommodate complex media experiences? The history of media innovation offers many lessons, from the Stradivarius violin to the Xerox Star.

Contemporary artists and designers continue to push the boundaries of textured experience with new ubiquitous and mobile technologies. This talk will survey the research landscape of richly textured media, and offer a field guide to the disciplines of practice and research from which to design with texture.

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When and where

12.00am - 12.00amMonday 10th May 2010