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Migrants, Refugees and the Narratives of Nations




Migrants, Refugees and the Narratives of Nations

The Centre for Race, Ethnicity and Migration (CREM) in the Department of Sociology at City University is delighted to bring together two of Europe's foremost contemporary historians, Tony Kushner and Gerard Noiriel. Kushner (Refugees in the Age of Genocide; Remembering Refugees) and Noiriel (The French Melting Pot; The tyranny of the nation: the right to asylum in Europe; Immigration, anti-semitisme et racisme en France) are the key chroniclers of their respective countries' histories of receiving refugees and migrations.
These two scholars have been invited to focus on two themes central to their work: the role of migrants and refugees in the construction of national identity and national narratives, and the ambiguity of state responses to migrants and refugees. In the run up to the British General Election, when once again migration is likely to be an issue, and against the background of the Burqa debate in France, CREM plans to host a structured dialogue between these two scholars, postgraduate students and a small number of selected journalists.

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About Professor Tony Kushner

Tony Kushner, Professor of History at Southampton University and editor of Patterns of Prejudice, has painstakingly unpicked some of the prevailing myths of Britains 'long and honourable tradition' of granting asylum, revealing the far more complex and problematic responses to refugees and asylum seekers. He also detailed the waxing and waning of anti-Semitism in Britain.

About Professor Gerard Noiriel

Gerard Noiriel, Professor at the Ecole des Hauts Etudes en Sciences Sociales is one of the pre-eminant historians of migration, racism and anti-semitism in France. Together with Etienne Balibar and Tzvetan Todorov and other public intellectuals, Noiriel has demanded the abolition of the French Ministry for National Identity. He is also a historian of the working class in France.

** The debate and discussion (2:30-4:00) will be followed by an informal reception in AG06 where the conversation can continue.

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When and where

12.00am - 12.00amFriday 12th March 2010