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Disabled refugees and asylum seekers: key issues in support




12.30pm (Buffet lunch) to 2.15pm. Seminar starts at 1pm.

Series: Centre for Disability and Social Inclusion seminar

The future role of the voluntary sector in welfare provision has become one of the themes of this year’s General Election. In this seminar the speakers will discuss the findings of their research into disabled refugees and asylum seekers in London, which examined the role played by support agencies in addressing the needs of this population. In particular, they will look at the function played by RCOs (refugee community organisations) in filling gaps in service provision and contrast this with the role played by larger mainstream agencies. They will also highlight other findings of their research, one of the only two major studies to research support for this group in the last 14 years.
Jacob Lagnado is an experienced researcher and writer, with research interests in Latin American migration, migrant employment and labour organisation, and legal issues in asylum claims.  He is a trained and qualified translator and interpreter. Since joining ICAR in 2007 he has carried out research on disabled refugees and asylum seekers and on the delivery and quality of legal advice for asylum seekers in the UK.
Neil Amas, Director of ICAR, has conducted research on community cohesion, the advocacy role of refugee community organisations, disabled refugees, and new migrant housing. Neil has been involved in humanitarian and refugee work in the UK and overseas for 20 years. Before coming to ICAR, he established a programme of health and social care for asylum seekers and refugees for an NGO in east London.  During the 1990s, he worked for humanitarian NGOs in South East Asian refugee camps and for a Vietnamese migration programme based in Bangkok.
Recent ICAR publication:
Lagnado, J., Amas, N. & Ward, K. (2008) Supporting disabled refugees and asylum seekers: opportunities for new approaches. Metropolitan Support Trust.

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12.00am - 12.00amWednesday 14th April 2010