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Maintenance and complaints

Reporting a fault or maintenance issue

If something in your room or flat is not working as it should, you need to report this to the Hall reception as soon as possible. Each Hall of Residence has a maintenance team who will investigate your report and try to rectify the problem. If the same problem persists you will need to inform the reception staff immediately. In the event your room is deemed inhabitable, the Hall Manager will try to make alternative arrangements for you whilst the problem is being resolved. Most issues are quickly dealt with, however if you are not happy with the response from the Hall, or there is a significant delay in the Hall dealing with your request, please contact the Accommodation team and we will liaise with the Hall directly. The Accommodation Team can liaise with Senior Management at the Halls to ensure key works are carried out however each Hall will have their own procedures for dealing with maintenance issues. Whilst the Accommodation Team can and will follow up serious or protracted maintenance matters on your behalf, and, where appropriate, raise issues with the housing provider in relation to non-compliance with contractual service levels, ultimately City does not control the maintenance procedures in any of the residences and therefore there is a limit to the team's authority in being able to insist that issues are resolved in a particular way.

Not satisfied with your room?

If you are not happy with the room you have been assigned to and wish to move into another room, you will need, in the first instance, to discuss this with Hall Management as rooms are allocated to students by the housing provider, and not by the Accommodation Team at City. Where possible, and at the discretion of the Hall Manager, your room may be changed although please be aware that some housing providers impose an administration fee for a room change as this incurs cleaning costs for your vacated room. In some instances, the Hall will request that the Accommodation Team also approve the move and in such cases they will make contact with us so that we can sanction it. In most halls room changes are not permitted within the first 2 weeks of a student's stay as they see this as a 'settling in period'. Room changes would usually only occur between vacant rooms of the same room type and price in the same Hall. With all room change requests the Hall Management has the final say as to whether these can go ahead or not.

Problems with your flatmates or neighbours?

Moving into a room in a hall of residence is a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people from all over the world, but occasionally clashes may arise and in the first instance we ask that both parties meet to discuss their issues and attempt to resolve them informally. If this isn't successful then the Hall management should be contacted via the reception at the Hall so that they can intervene, mediate if required, and seek to find an amicable solution to the problem. It is not usual for the Accommodation Team to become involved in such matters as there is an expectation that these will be resolved at Hall level. However, in extreme cases, where students feel that insufficient action is being taken by Hall management to resolve the problems, then the Accommodation Team can be contacted and they will investigate the circumstances and offer assistance in finding a resolution. Bullying and harassment is not acceptable in any form within the Halls of Residence or at City, University of London and such allegations arising within the Halls should be reported to the Accommodation Team who can then put you in contact with a City Harrassment Officer, or provide advice on making a formal complaint under City's disciplinary process if those allegations are about another City student.

Hall warnings and disciplinary process

Hall warnings can be issued for smoking, anti-social behaviour, excessive noise pollution, damage to property, breaking guest rules and other matters deemed by Hall management as unacceptable behaviour. If you are issued with a formal Hall warning, this will be taken into account if you decide to apply for accommodation with City in the future. Students with previous Hall disciplinary warnings may not be offered accommodation in future years and applications from students for whom this is applicable will be treated on a case by case basis.

If you wish to appeal against any warning issued, you will need to this in writing to the Hall Manager. Please see our legal advice section for information on where you can get legal guidance and support during your appeals process.

The Halls and City have a zero tolerance policy towards drug-use, and if you are found to be in possession of illegal substances in any of the residences it is very likely that you will be required to leave the accommodation forthwith. The housing providers reserve the right to involve the Police where they feel it is appropriate to do so, which may result in criminal proceedings against you.

Please note City Accommodation Team cannot overrule any warning issued to you by the Hall management. Where warnings are issued the team does discuss these with Hall management to ensure a fair and proper process is being followed and that warnings are being issued in line with the Terms and Conditions applicable to that particular residence.

Non-smoking environment

All halls of residences operate a no smoking policy within their premises. If you are found to be in breach of this policy, you could be issued with a formal warning and in some cases you could also receive a financial penalty. It's a criminal offence to tamper with fire equipment or set off a fire alarm unless in case of an actual fire. This includes deliberately tampering with break-glass units, setting off fire extinguishers and tampering with or covering up smoke detectors. Offenders will be reported to the local fire officer, the police and, where deemed appropriate, City. This may lead to disciplinary action and possible criminal prosecution.