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‘TRILATTRADE’ examines three thematic strands in UK-EU-Japan relations going forward: overall economic law; regulation theory and data transfers; and IP law and policy.

Keio Law School TRILATTRADE Kick-off
Project kick off in Tokyo June 2019 (Keio Law School, Keio University)

The award deepens links between City and Keio, fostered over the past number of years which have included research and teaching exchanges, visiting fellowships and sabbatical stays.

The ESRC-funded TRILATTRADE research project seeks to model the legal framework of the trilateral UK-EU-Japan Trade, Regulation and IP relationship. Trade, regulation and IP constitute three core pillars of international, national and regional economic law and policy frameworks. This is relevant to the functional operation of trade and its innovation.

London TRILATTRADE Kick-off
Project kick off in London September 2019 (City Law School, City University)

This project will address these core pillars with three interlocking thematic strands:

  1. UK-Japan Trade;
  2. UK-EU-Japan Regulatory Cooperation and Data Flows; and
  3. UK-EU-Japan Intellectual Property.

These strands have the overarching aim of generating networks of scholars, practitioners, think tanks, government and commercial actors working in UK-EU-Japan trade, regulation and Intellectual Property (IP) working on the future regulatory and legislative landscape.

The project will address these topics through an 18-month programme of collaborative research activities which includes:

  • Two conferences to be held at City Law School, City, University of London and Keio Law School, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan respectively.
  • Doctoral student mobility for research exchange visits between both institutions, with a particular focus on thematic strands 2 & 3;
  • A research Fellowship for a Keio scholar hosted at The City Law School, with a particular focus on thematic strand 1;

The project aims to generate trade and business opportunities as well as models for good global governance in law and policy as a future research agenda.

It also builds on the collaborative relationship between City Law School and Keio Law School, both key legal research institutions in their respective countries.

Leads: Professor Elaine Fahey, Dr Luke McDonagh, Dr Enrico Bonadio, Professor David Collins and Anthony Rogers