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About City

The Crabb Lab

David Crabb is a Professor of Statistics and Vision Research at City, University of London, and also leads research in The Crabb Lab, a unique research laboratory focusing on measurement in vision: visual fields, imaging, visual function and quality of life, and medical statistics. One of the main themes of his work in glaucoma is relating the different stages in the disease process to patient's visual disability. Alongside David, the research laboratory is home to a lively mixture of vision scientists, ophthalmologists, psychologists, mathematicians and computer scientists. Find out more about the Crabb Lab.

Over the last 10 years the Crabb Lab has been awarded many research grants both for its work in the UK and overseas, find out more link to Crabb Lab research grants page

As well as the research arm of the Crabb Lab, Professor Crabb and his team offer consultancy services to businesses and public service organisations both in the UK and overseas. Consultancy work within the Lab looks at describing the problems that patients with glaucoma have with everyday tasks, and developing media and material to demonstrate this. Most recently the Crabb Lab’s work has included a marketing project involving the production of three 5-10 second glaucoma progression animations and a glaucoma eyetracker ‘wow’ video; a collaboration with a US based lab looking into the hypothesis that restricted visual fields precipitate abnormal eye movements in non-human primate eyes and supporting the development of a glaucoma progression simulation app for use by physicians and patients. Find out more link to Crabb Lab consultancy work in detail

If you would like to contact the Crabb Lab regarding our research or consultancy services, please get in touch using the contact details on this page.