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Learning Enhancement and Development

Conference Sessions

Click on the titles below to see the full abstract for each session

Session 1  11:25 - 12:25


Workshop - Reinventing the lecture: how student engagement and analytics can transform teaching delivery and learning outcomes

Session Full


Workshop - Strategies for enhancing learning and teaching focussed continuing professional development

Spaces available


Workshop - Mainstreaming support: Reflective groups for speech and language therapists in training facilitated by counsellors

Spaces available


Workshop - Integration of MyProgress software as a teaching tool in health education

Spaces available


Paper 1 - Enhancing learning materials to create a uniform VLE by moving away from PDFs, PPTs and DOCs

Paper 2 - Keeping it real: Transmedia for online legal education

Spaces available


Paper 1 - Implementing seismic change: education to transform the shape of caring in the NHS

Paper 2 - Interactive education for clinical supervisors to support student success

Spaces available


Paper 1 - Learning together about stroke care: evaluation of inter-professional learning with a service user, nursing and speech and language therapy students

Paper 2 - Making my own decisions: a collaboratively developed, online video learning resource on the Mental Capacity Act for healthcare students

Spaces available


Paper 1 - Monitoring and mentoring: Utilising fitness bands and apps for healthcare students to experience self-management of physical activity levels.

Paper 2 - Evaluation of the D-Eye smartphone ophthalmoscope by undergraduate Optometry students

Spaces available


Paper 1 - Including Emotions in Education

Paper 2 - Entrepreneurship Education and Graduates' Entrepreneurial Intentions: Entrepreneurship Education Pedagogies in Nigerian Universities

Spaces available

Session 2  13:35 - 14:35


Workshop - Close Encounters of the Emergent Kind: Exploring the educational potential of 360° video, 3D scanning and virtual reality

Session Full


Workshop - The Pedagogy Of Space: Using the Physical Space As A Learning and Teaching Tool

Spaces available


Workshop - Streaming Knowledge Method (SKM)

Spaces available


This session is now cancelled - If you have booked to attend you will be emailed to choose an alternative.


Paper 1 - Bringing Innovation to Management Education: Using the Inquiry-Based Learning Approach for Enhancing the Innovativeness of Management Students

Paper 2 -  Innovative Food Systems Teaching and Learning: Overcoming disciplinary and teaching silos to fix the food system

Spaces available


Paper 1 - Does research-based practice work in supporting students?

Paper 2 -  Examining students’ attitudes towards online courses: a case study of digital distance learning across four continents

Spaces available


Paper 1 - An innovative practical approach to research methods teaching addressing the open-science debate.

Paper 2 - Recycle, Repurpose, Reimagine: Using open resourced materials to enhance student’s learning experiences in research methods.

Spaces available


Paper 1 - Sharing educational practice and promoting learning experiences within aviation training

Paper 2 -  Learning to Fly

Spaces available

Session 3  14:40 - 15:40


Workshop - Making lectures interactive with a new, gamified, quiz and survey web app

Spaces available


Workshop - Curriculum Excellence through ABC_LD  (Arena Blended Connected Learning Design)

Spaces available

Workshop - Copyright, licensing and open practice in higher education

Spaces available


Workshop - Bumps in the road: introducing e-portfolio assessment in a PGCAP core module

Spaces available


Workshop -  Online Discussion Forums: Planning and facilitating for good quality discussion

Spaces available


Paper 1 - Implementing Case-Based learning: Hitches, Hurdles and Highlights

Paper 2 - Using Moodle MyFeedback to view and compare assessment feedback

Spaces available


Paper 1 - You Don’t Need Eyes to See, You Need Vision: Generating a technology enhanced learning environment to support students with vision impairment

Paper 2 - Using online feedback technology to enhance academic literacy and support student success.

Spaces available


A chance to speak to Poster presenters about their work.

Spaces available


Paper 1 - Bridging the gap between clinical research and routine practice - the CommuniCATE Project

Paper 2 - Making everyone’s lives simpler! The implementation of MyProgress electronic portfolio software as an administration and monitoring tool in health education.

Spaces available


Paper 1 - Small Data: Its importance in promoting learning engagement

Paper 2: Design for Flow : strategies for engaging students and integrating activities in Cass’s online Global Finance MSc

Spaces available

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