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The bespoke, small group advocacy course at The City Law School helps prepare solicitors, business professionals or a non-lawyers to appear in front of tribunals.
The module will link knowledge of condition distribution and risk factors with approaches to problem assessment and will maintain a clinical and service user informed approach, which will assist participants' abilities to contribute to the development and direction of service provision. Module Code: APM004
Module Code: NM3041
Module Code: NMM048
The module aims to provide practitioners working in the cardiac field with the competency base to be able to care for individual patients with a range of cardiac problems. Module Code: NM3257
The aims of this module are to provide practitioners working in the cardiac field with the specialist skills and knowledge to manage the care of patients with cardiac problems. Module Code: NM3258
The practical CPD course in Case Management and Interim Procedures at The City Law School concentrates on the interim stages of an action and helps you progressing the case in the most effective way for your client
The bespoke CPD course in Case Planning and Preparation at The City Law School will help you achieve greater clarity about your client's case and how best to proceed with it.
Module Code: HCM021
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