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Centre for Psychological Wellbeing & Neuroscience

This new centre will draw together the recognised expertise of a number of researchers within the department.

There will be a strong and particular focus on the existing research groups focused on cognitive neuroscience, occupational and health psychology, mindfulness-based interventions, and cognitive impairments associated with mental health problems. The Centre will benefit from a close and explicit partnership with City's local branch of Mind (the mental health charity).

The Centre will also benefit from the launch of the department’s new MSc in Clinical, Social and Cognitive Neuroscience.

About the centre

Aims of the centre

We aim to support the transformation of local community mental health services through:

  • active partnerships with City and Hackney Mind, City and Hackney CCG, East London NHS Trust & other local community organisations
  • ongoing knowledge transfer events
  • future partnerships with local community organisations wishing to improve mental health services and develop evidence-based practices.

We aim to bring innovation and best practice to Hackney and (East) London by:

  • supporting the improvement of mental health services and wellbeing in the community and workplace
  • developing and disseminating evidence-based practices
  • offering Interdisciplinary research: bringing frontline work, applied psychology and neuroscience into dialogue with one another
  • facilitating research-led education through talks, events and the newly created MSc in Clinical, Social and Cognitive Neuroscience.

Research themes

  • Examining brain mechanisms activated by mindfulness-based interventions in clinical and general populations
  • Exploring and reducing cognitive (e.g., memory and attention) impairments associated with mental health disorders (e.g., schizophrenia)
  • Examining links between underlying personality vulnerabilities (e.g., perfectionism), worry and rumination, sleep impairments, and cognitive functioning
  • Evaluating outcomes and processes of change within a range of interventions designed to improve mental health among clinical, employee, and other selected populations.

Bettina Forster

Dr Tina Forster

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