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Alumni and Supporters

Czech Republic

Cass Business School

Marek Johanes (MSc Banking and International Finance 2007) would like the opportunity to meet and interact with other Cass alumni and to promote Cass Business School in Central and Eastern Europe.

Marek's university education encompasses an undergraduate degree in Economics (Honours) from the University of Kent, and a postgraduate Msc in Banking and International Finance from Cass Business School. During his university career he completed a string of internships that helped him get a first hand insight into the world of global finance, and the energy industry. He interned in Credit Suisse (IBD), Erste Bank (IBD), Deloitte and Touche (Financial Advisory), and CEZ (M&A). Finally he decided to begin his professional career as a Business Analyst in one of the top global management consultancy firms A.T.Kearney.

Having established itself on the ever changing global business map as a promising and dynamic region full of opportunities, Eastern Europe has over the past decade proven that its claims to great economic success are not unfounded. The Czech Republic stands out in the region as a beacon of success due to its unique geographic location, stable economic/financial climate, and the 'entrepreneurial' spirit of its people. The objective of this group is to enable the Alumni to connect and work together in a collective pursuit of success.

Marek would like to hear from fellow Cass alumni who are based in the Czech Republic.


On 2 April 2010 the Inaugural Cass alumni meeting in the Czech Republic took place and the official Czech Republic Cass Alumni Club was established. Four alumni attended the meeting and Marek hopes that numbers will increase in the future.

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