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Applying for Clearing with and without UCAS

Do you have to apply for a course vacancy through Clearing?

If yes, then read on to find out how you apply, both with and without UCAS.

You can apply through Clearing in two ways; with and without UCAS.

Applying with UCAS

If you are applying through UCAS then your Track application will either say that you are in Clearing or that Clearing has started. Along with this you will be given a unique Clearing number.

This number is extremely important because you have to provide us with it when you apply. The Clearing number grants us access to your personal statement.

On results day, you will have to call up our Clearing Hotline number and enquire if you will be offered a place onto your selected course.

Bear in mind that the telephone call may be a mini-interview where the course department is trying to find out about you and why you want to apply.

You may have to wait in a queue because our hotline number may be busy. We recommend calling us as soon as you know you are in Clearing to limit disappointment.

If we offer you a place, then you should log-on to your UCAS Track application and click ‘Add Clearing choice’. You can do so by following the points below:

  • You should only add a Clearing choice when you have received confirmation from us stating that we will accept you onto the course
  • Logon to your UCAS Track application and choose the option ‘Add Clearing choice’ and fill in the course details by the deadline that we mentioned during our telephone call and confirmation email.

When you have added the Clearing choice, you have formally accepted our offer. Now your UCAS Track status will be updated saying that you have accepted the course and institution. All you have to do now is wait for a confirmation letter.

Applying without UCAS

You may be wondering if it’s possible to apply without going through UCAS. The answer is yes.

If you apply to us through Clearing without UCAS then it is known as ‘record of prior acceptance’.

Through record of prior acceptance, you contact us to apply through Clearing, and we will then contact UCAS to finalise the application.

Although you are not applying through UCAS, we will be expecting a personal statement, application form, a school reference and any achieved grades, and you have to send this directly.

Other Clearing information

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