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Statistics and facts about City Research and Enterprise

City's research focuses on excellence, creativity, innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration. Our outlook is truly global – we work to international levels of research excellence and cultivate a worldwide network of research partnerships. That makes City an excellent choice for academics, postgraduate researchers, and organisations looking for research partners.

Our past…

We are proud of our research pedigree that spans more than a century. During that time, City has made notable contributions through basic and applied research to a wide range of social, economic, cultural and professional fields.

From training members of the armed forces in skills ranging from optics manufacturing to wireless mechanics during World War II.

To setting up one of British academia’s most successful commercialisations of intellectual property – a company set up to develop an oxygen sensor designed by City academics that sold for £24.5m in 1993.

…and our present

Today, our research and enterprise activities are more pioneering and diverse than ever. Our research plays a vital part in exploring and disseminating new ideas, and benefits industry, business and our community.

The global re-insurance industry has benefited from research by Professor Paula Jarzabkowski from Cass Business School. Her projects, which identified a potential systemic risk and developed tools to diagnose change and help firms to address it, led to her winning the Outstanding Impact in Business at the ESRC Impact Prizes 2013

The UK has become the technical lead in creating and applying sensing technologies using optical fibres, thanks in part to the innovative ideas of Professor Tong Sun, City’s Director of the Research Centre for Photonics and Instrumentation. She was awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medal in 2016 in recognition of her contribution to British engineering.

City Research and Enterprise – the facts

  • Over our five Schools we have more than 70 specialist research centres
  • We also have four Interdisciplinary Research Centres
  • City staff and students are currently leading more than 450 live research projects
  • We have well over 400 Postgraduate research students (451 in HESA Student Return 2016/17)
  • Cass research is ranked 2nd in Europe for its impact on the real world of business, practitioners and policymakers. (Source: Business school rankings and business relevance, an overlooked dimension, Stéphane Gregoir, EDHEC Business School, July 2011)

Statistics from Research Excellence Framework 2014

  • 75.7% – percentage of City's submission to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 rated as world-leading 4* (23.3%) and internationally excellent 3* (52.4%)
  • 40% – percentage of City's eligible academic staff assessed as producing 4* and 3* research
  • 53% – percentage of City's eligible academic staff (378 staff) submitting to REF2014
  • 1,592 academic outputs (such as journal articles) and 49 impact case studies, submitted to REF 2014, across 12 Units of Assessment.
  • 6th – City’s rank in the UK for business and management research.

Our Research and Enterprise income

  • £21.7 million – City’s total research income, including the HEFCE block grant for research, in the financial year 2016/17
  • £11 million of this came from externally funded grants and contracts
  • and
  • £16.6 million – income generated through business engagement in 2016/17.