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Research areas and groups

Research is a vital part of City’s drive for excellence. Our research creates new knowledge which is then translated and modified, so that it makes a difference to society and gives our students a better and more satisfying education.

Research is organised by schools, academic departments and in smaller clusters called centres and institutes.

Institutes and Centres are research groups that provide a framework to facilitate collaboration between departments within and across subject areas.

Each school, department and research centre at City is delivering excellent research from an increasing proportion of their academic staff, all of whom are experts in their chosen fields.

City’s five schools all have their own research centres covering their various departments. Each has particular areas of strength, such as

  • the Cass Business School’s expertise in leadership
  • the School of Health Sciences’ long-established focus on ophthalmology
  • the School of Arts and Social Sciences’ hosting of the European Social Survey
  • the School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering’s leading creative role in engineering design and software development
  • the City Law School’s specialism in EU law.

City’s Research Centres and Groups

City now has over 70 different specialist research centres and centres of excellence plus four interdisciplinary centres. Find out more:

City’s specialist research centres and groups

Cass Business School

Cass Research groups

School of Arts and Social Sciences

School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering

School of Health Sciences

The City Law School

City’s interdisciplinary research centres

Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice

The Centre intends to become the UK leader in the teaching, research and transfer of creativity in professional practice, ranging from informatics and engineering to business and the arts.

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City Collaborative Transport Hub

The City Collaborative Transport Hub is a network of interdisciplinary activity at City, University of London centred on transport challenges.

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Centre for Healthcare Innovation Research

The interdisciplinary Centre for Healthcare Innovation Research brings a fresh perspective to the challenges of embedding health and social care innovations, sustainably and at scale.

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Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism

The Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism is the first major interdisciplinary centre in the UK to develop a broad yet focused interface between law, justice and journalism in society.

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LEaDER - The centre for educational research

The Learning Enhancement and Development Educational Research (LEaDER) Centre is a space for staff at City engaged in pedagogic research to link with others and to access expertise from members of the LEaD academic team.

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