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Introduction to research data management

Understanding data and research data management can play a significant role in your research.

What is research data management?

Data Management refers to the storage, access and preservation of data produced from a given investigation.

Why is research data management important?

Research Data Management will:

  • support high quality of research
  • ensure research integrity and reproducibility
  • ensure and enhance data security

What aspects of research does it cover?

Research data management is relevant to all stages of the research process as it covers the lifecycle of the research data: the planning stages; conducting the investigation; backing up data and preserving data long term.

UK data service offers a brief overview of the research data lifecycle:

Data management training at City

Good research needs good data

Kevin Ashley (Digital Curation Centre) delivered training on research data management earlier this year.

The slide show and accompanying audio that covers the topics below is available to download.

A session on Publishing Data on Figshare was also facilitated by Megan Hardeman from FigShare.

Training sessionMaterials
Introdctuction to research data management slides
Data management planning slides
Data appraisal and selection slides
Data publishing and Open data slides