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Fostering of good practice

Good practice in research can only be achieved in a culture where members of City have a clear understanding of good research conduct. This includes:

  • Commitment of the individual researcher to City’s framework for good practice in research and other associated codes of conduct. City’s framework for good practice in research will be available via the institutional website to all staff and students.
  • Commitment from Deans of Schools and Heads of Faculty/Department/Centre to ensure that research activity carried out in their areas follows City’s framework for good practice in research and other associated codes of conduct, including equal opportunities.
  • Commitment from staff line-managing and/or appraising colleagues and/or supervising students to City’s framework for good practice in research and other associated codes of conduct.
  • Appropriate steps being taken to share information on research that is being published so as to raise awareness of activity amongst staff and students and maintain accurate records.
  • Implementation of appropriate and effective mentoring systems, particularly for staff beginning their academic careers.
  • Appropriate training for staff wishing to take on leadership or other roles.
  • Opportunities within a research culture for open discussion and debate.
  • The availability of appropriate training and development for all staff involved in research throughout their careers, in particular for new research supervisors, principal investigators and contract researchers, and for research students.
  • The prompt declaration of any conflict of interest within a piece of research whether it be personal, financial, moral, legal or ethical.
  • The widespread dissemination of City’s Framework for Good Practice in Research including distribution to new academic and other relevant staff during induction as well as reference to its existence in student course handbooks.
  • The existence of an effective, quick and impartial system for investigating and dealing with allegations of research misconduct.
  • The assurance that those who, in good faith, allege the existence of misconduct will be treated fairly and without prejudice, in line with City’s Public Interest Disclosure Policy. Good practice in research includes reporting any concerns about the conduct of research.
  • A mechanism for monitoring the effectiveness of City’s policy on misconduct.

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