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  2. Confirming and Registering SASS

Confirming and Registering your place in the School of Arts and Social Sciences

Everything you need to know on how to confirm your place and register online.

What do I need to do to confirm my place?

In order to accept and secure your place on the course you must pay a non-refundable deposit within six weeks of the date of your offer email.

UK/EU Students: £500 deposit to secure your place on the course
International Students: £1,500 deposit to secure your place on the course

The amount paid in deposit will be deducted from the overall course fee amount.

What happens after I accept my place?

Once you have accepted your place and paid your deposit, keep a look out for emails from us - we will contact you between now and the start of term by email if we need any further information from you, and to keep you up to date with news from the University and the School of Arts and Social Sciences.

What happens at online registration?

Online registration is scheduled to open from mid-summer 2020. Once online registration has opened and you have met all of the conditions of your offer, you will receive an automated email from City, University of London inviting you to register for the course online. Please note that you cannot register online until you have received this email as this will give you the unique user ID and password required to login.

Online registration is a relatively straightforward process. You will be asked to confirm course details and personal details (full name, address, date of birth, etc). You will also be prompted to pay the first instalment of your fees, if you have not already done so. You do not have to complete online registration all at once, you can return to it later, however please ensure you do complete online registration before Registration Day.

When you have successfully completed the online registration process, you will receive a Registration Certificate. Please print this out and bring it with you during Induction Week. Please note that you will not be a registered student of the University until you have completed both online and in-person registration.

Further instructions on registration can be found here.

How do I make my offer unconditional?

If your offer is Conditional, you will need to provide any outstanding documents to show that you have met the conditions of your offer. Your Offer Letter will contain details of where to send this.

Term dates

Induction, also known as Welcome Week, will take place in the week commencing on 21st September and is an excellent opportunity for you to get involved, make new friends and start making the most of your University experience. More information will be published on our new students’ pages closer to September.

Teaching commences on the week beginning Monday 28th September 2020, with the exception of Journalism, Media and Globalisation MA (Erasmus Mundus) and International Journalism MA starting on 14th September 2020. You can find the full academic year dates on our website.