1. Postgraduate Applicants: GDL
  2. Preparing for PG study at City

Preparing for PG study at City

Once you have confirmed and registered, you can look ahead to starting with us. Here you can find out more about timetables, key dates for your calendar and reading lists.

Preparing to start

Students will have their induction week beginning 25th September 2017. The induction week, as well as general registration and enrolment activities, will also include the first lectures of the courses syllabus for all modules. It is imperative students attend the induction week as this is the foundation of teaching for the year as a whole. Course materials (lectures and tutorials) will be provided during the induction week also.

If you would like to start preparing for the GDL, a good general introduction would be to read:

  • Learning the Law by Glanville Williams edited by A.T.H. Smith (latest edition)

Receiving your timetable

The GDL consists of seven two hour lectures a week and seven one hour tutorials taught over a two week cycle. The course is taught over four days with the same day each week being a designated study day.

Reading lists

All GDL students will receive free core textbooks during their induction. In 2016/7 GDL students received the following titles but please note that these are subject to change for 2017/8:

  • Craig and De Burca, EU Law Cases and Materials, 6e
  • Tort Law: Text, Cases and Materials, 3e, Jenny Steele (OUP)
  • Modern Land Law, 10e, Dixon
  • Contract Law, Text, Cases and Materials, 5e, McKendrick
  • Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Human Rights, 7e, Ian Loveland , OUP
  • Textbook of Criminal Law, 13e, Michael Allen
  • Principles of Equity and Trusts, 2e, Graham Virgo