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Yibo Fang

Culture, Policy and Management

Yibo is a a Brand Manager at the Institute of Creative Communications in China.

Upon completing her MA, Yibo became a Product Design Manager at / Time Station Software. is the largest online book store in China and known as the ‘Amazon of China’. Her current job is now as a Brand Manager at the Institute of Creative Communications (, which is involved in ThingMedia publishing for media and product companies in China.

Coming from a design background, Yibo found her MA CPM very stimulating.

‘My determination to further my studies at City really encouraged me to think critically’ she says. ‘It enabled me to go very deep and reflect on the essential reasons for doing things when I meet challenges. This has helped me to understand what I do and why much better and makes me much more confident in my daily tasks and work. My job is really interesting but is also challenging and I relish the opportunity to think and apply my knowledge to different situations every single day!’.