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Safraz Ali


I enjoyed the level of creativity it offered on my course, I was able to write stories and investigate any topics I wanted to.

What do you do now and what do you enjoy about it?

Having started off as the Communications Intern at Nike after graduation, I’m now working as a Communications Specialist mainly in the football, basketball and internal categories. This involves supporting brand plans and activations, connecting with wider media and influencers to strategically extend stories in an authentic way.

I’m working for a brand I’ve loved and resonated with since I was a child, to now be a part of the day to day of all that’s going is truly a dream come true. I go into work every day not knowing what to expect, no one day is the same and it’s an honour to be working here!

Why did you choose to study at City and how has it helped you?

I chose to study at City because of the reputation the Journalism department had, it was evident through my research that this was the place to be if I wanted a career in the industry. It’s helped me learn a multitude of skills that are applicable in almost any profession, you become so versatile and you are thrown into the deep in end on day one. It’s shaped me into who I am today and what I stand for as well as use its impressive range of contacts and status to accelerate my career.

What did you enjoy the most about your course?

I enjoyed the level of creativity it offered, I was able to write stories and investigate any topics I wanted to. There was no limit on what I could look into or explore further. I also enjoyed the multimedia skills you’re taught throughout the three years, I now know how to operate in both TV and radio studio’s as well as edit on a range of software.

What was the hardest thing about your course?

I say the hardest thing was getting the wider public to give you the time of day whenever you needed an interview or case study. As a student journalist, you tend to get rejected a lot but this is what builds your character for sure.

What was your favourite thing about studying at City?

Most definitely its central location, I’m close to vibrant Shoreditch – the professional city, the shopping districts and even the depths of East/North London. It was so easy to navigate and have a good work/life balance because of it. I also loved the facilities we had access to as journalism students, from equipment to recording studio’s and editing suites.

What advice would you give to current and future City journalism students?

Take advantage of the three years you have here and all the opportunities that come with it. There’re so many networking events you can attend, people to meet as well as a welcoming environment. Try to be as social as possible, get to know those people on your course and the great staff because you can learn so much from them all!