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Ma Xiaofen

Media and Communications
Ma Xiaofen

City, University of London gave me the chance to take new courses and exposed me to a different teaching style

Before I started the Master’s programme at City, University of London I knew that I wanted to attend a university with many opportunities for international students. Without a doubt, this was one of the most incredible, nerve-wracking, exciting, and eye-opening experiences of my life. The people I met, both international students and professors, made my experiences even more enriching.

City, University of London gave me the chance to take courses that were not offered at my previous university and exposed me to a different teaching style than I was used to. My supervisor was Dr Dan Mercea, City's resident expert on Media and Communications. With his guidance and supervision, I used a variety of sources to deepen my understanding of the relationship between open data and democracy, including governmental archives, private papers, and newspapers and magazines from just about every corner of the world.

By the time I completed my dissertation, I had come to the conclusion that I loved what I had done. At that point, I decided to do a PhD and was accepted to do my PhD at the National University of Singapore.

City, University of London is an excellent university. It provides a great environment for doing research. I strongly recommend that anyone who is able to contemplate studying abroad to go there because I learned a lot about myself, my goals and wishes for the future.