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Kirsty Whalley

Kirsty Whalley studied BA Journalism at City

City's practical approach to teachingjournalism meant I started my first job as a trainee on a local paper with the tools I needed.

What do you do now?

I work on the cutting edge of print media as manager of Metro's digital editions. I supervise a dedicated team of journalists producing two editions a day within the Metro newspaper app. Our morning publication contains the very best of the daily newspaper with a few innovative extras, reformatted to give our readers an exciting, interactive experience. The evening edition requires more traditional journalistic skills, where we experience the thrill of working to a tight deadline as we source breaking and trending news stories to design a fun and interesting read.

How has your time at City helped you?

City's practical approach to teaching journalism meant I started my first job as a trainee on a local paper with the tools I needed to nose out and craft a good news story. I was quickly able to work my way up to chief reporter via a number of campaigning articles on sex trafficking and gang crime, which earned me nominations for national awards and a mention in parliament as an example of good reporting in the local press. The excellent contacts I made while studying at City have kept me in good stead throughout my career, allowing me to freelance in the national press as both a reporter and a sub-editor, gaining enough experience to land my current role, where I enjoy working on a format promising an exciting future for print media.