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Joshua Lynch

An internship at Rural Arisings Ltd.

Rural Arisings Ltd

Rural Arisings Ltd is a firm of engineers established in 2002. They specialise in the innovative recovery and reuse of wastes such to create environmental enhancements on complex projects. Their main area of work is the creation of new parks and open spaces on closed landfill sites.

Joshua Lynch who graduated with a MEng in Civil Engineering, spent a year on in industry at Rural Arisings Ltd; a firm of engineers and ecologists specialising in the recovery and re-use of waste materials including construction and demolition arisings to provide environmental enhancements on complex projects.

Joshua's main responsibility was the Little Belhus Restoration project in South Ockendon, Essex which is a former landfill site with plans to become a country park. The site is now despoiled contaminated land with associated health and safety implications. There are also unmitigated risks from landfill gas as a result of the bio-degeneration.

Within his role, Josh was involved in a variety of different aspects, including liaising with Going Green Restoration, the site contractors, and providing technical data to carry out the works both by means of manual setting out on site and providing 3D data for a GPS bulldozer system. He also had to monitor and verify earthworks, sample and test soils, leachate and landfill gas.

Joshua feels the placement was a great opportunity to apply knowledge he had acquired from his studies, and gain an understanding of real life challenges faced by engineers, which he says can be very different to the highly theoretical, academic environment he was used to at university.

Joshua says of his placement ''in working for a relatively small company, I have been able to fully immerse myself in a range of different tasks and carry responsibility that may have been out of my scope in a larger firm.

Being part of a professional work environment and interacting with individuals from many different professions and backgrounds has allowed me to develop a more mature attitude toward my work.''