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Chukwuladi Ahiakwo

Health Policy
Chukwuladi Ahiakwo

I was given the opportunity to study MSc Health Policy at City, University of London and it was a challenging but great experience.

Why did you choose to study at City, University of London?

This course stood out from others as it offered me the necessary tools required to understand, analyse and positively influence health care at policy level, taking into consideration the complexities found within the health policy process. City’s MSc in Health Policy is very relevant for those who want to influence the health policy process to bring about change that would be beneficial to patients and society at large.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

City offers an excellent learning environment for students. I had access to well-equipped lecture halls and libraries and the professional staff and lecturers were available for the extra support I sometimes needed. The teaching methods included interactive group discussions and presentations: this stood out to me the most and proved to be particularly valuable, as it helped me develop professionally and improve my presentation skills. Overall, I had a very worthwhile experience.

What would you say about your teaching style?

The Programme Director, Justin Needle, was exceptional in the way he taught the modules. His teaching style brought the Social Determinants of Health, International Health Systems and Health Policy Process, Politics and Power modules to life!

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