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Barry Waldron

Air Safety Management
Barry Waldron

City offered the flexibility of a modular course with industry leading lecturers, who provided up-to-date knowledge within the aviation industry.

Why did you decide to study at City, University of London?

Having researched various options to advance my career I decided that City, University of London was the only one that “ticked all the boxes ". It offered me the flexibility of a modular course with industry leading lecturers who were able to provide me with up-to-date knowledge from their area within the aviation industry. This, combined with City's world renowned reputation made the choice of university very easy.

What was your favourite aspect of your course?

I really enjoyed the practical discussions that accompanied all lectures. The opinions of fellow students who came from a multitude of aviation backgrounds gave me insight into the workings of other airlines, thus expanding my overall knowledge of the aviation industry.

What was the highlight of your time at City?

As I have a great interest in air safety and crisis management, the highlight of my time at City was undertaking my thesis, "Strategic Communications through all Stages of Airline Crisis Management ". The many friends and contacts I made at City gave me access to key personnel in the area of air safety and crisis management. These contacts assisted me with both qualitative and quantitative research thus assisting me greatly when completing my thesis and the presentation of my viva.

What was the main benefit of completing a course at City?

The MSc in Air Safety Management has given me a recognised qualification from a renowned and respected university in an area of aviation which I have always aspired to work in. Meeting with other aviation professionals while attending the course has also broadened my network, with most colleagues just a call or email away to provide assistance or an opinion when sought.

How did City prepare you for your chosen career path?

The MSc in Air Safety Management has given me valuable tools which assist me in my current role as an airline Captain and Senior Air Safety Investigator. The course as a whole has broadened my mind to the various aspects of aviation and how they interact with air safety. The non-core subjects combined with the core air safety modules have given me great insight into the workings of air safety and assists me greatly in my day-to-day tasks. The high calibre of academic staff and the overall course content at City has also inspired me to continue my studies and I hope to enrol as PhD student in the near future.