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Andrew Whitley

Food Policy
Andrew Whitley

Bread maker, teacher and campaigner, West Linton, Scotland.

A former BBC journalist who set up the Village Bakery in Melmerby, Andrew was already a ‘covert campaigner’ for nutritious, environmentally-friendly bread when he began the Masters. He found a name for his views in the Centre’s ‘ecological public health’ approach. The course broadened his thinking, and it was interesting to connect his experience of running a business (and supplying supermarkets) with the theoretical and empirical literature.

Andrew wrote his dissertation and book (Bread Matters) simultaneously, and then co-founded (with Sustain) the Real Bread Campaign. He now teaches bread making in the Scottish Borders. He still campaigns, and has launched a new platform, Scotland the Bread, to demonstrate, from field to oven, how nutritious grains can be grown using low-impact methods and turned into delicious, healthy bread by fulfilled bakers.