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Aikaterini-Pinelopi (Kitty) Kioskli

Aikaterini-Pinelopi (Kitty) Kioskli, psychology and health alumna

I enjoyed the involvement in societies, attending extra seminars and classes, and getting a professional education with personal guidance.

What made you choose to study Psychology and Health?

Psychology was always my desired field of study. After receiving my BSc in anthropology, I realised that it was time to get actively involved in the field of psychology. The School of Health Sciences at City, University of London, has a great reputation for its Psychology and Health course, which is an innovative and relatively unknown direction. After carefully researching the psychology aspects of the course, I decided that Psychology and Health was directly compatible with my needs and expectations.

Why did you choose City?

Besides its great history, City is a very well respected university worldwide. It is known for its excellent research work and offering quality education; that’s why I feel like completing a Master’s course at this university is one of my biggest achievements.

What has been the most enjoyable part of the course?

Psychology and Health was a 12-month course which involved both ups and downs. Some of the great aspects I enjoyed were; the fact that our class was small, which lead to us working as a team, the cultural integration between my fellow classmates, the lectures which were interesting and the teaching staff who were approachable, professional and serious about their transmissibility.

What has been the most challenging part of the course?

Apart from the aforementioned advantages of the course, the challenges were also a reality. The biggest challenge that I had to deal with was the coursework we had to deliver. The assignments were very time-consuming and demanding.

What is the best thing about being a student at City?

City not only offered me a Master’s course but a further educational experience. I enjoyed the involvement in societies, attending extra seminars and classes, and getting a professional education with personal guidance. City provides students with the ability to get involved.

How has the Psychology and Health course and City helped you in achieve your goals?

I am currently a PhD student at King’s College London (KCL), at the Institute Of Psychiatry Psychology and Neuroscience (IOPPN) under a full scholarship from DIABETES UK. City provided me with the appropriate skills and abilities to be a competitive and desirable candidate for such PhD, which was a life’s dream. The connectivity and reputation of City has been a significant factor in my personal and educational growth.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of applying to study Psychology and Health at City?

My absolute advice would be to make the most out of it whilst being there!

Would you recommend City to other students thinking of applying to study Psychology and Health?

I would definitely recommend City; it is a great institution, offers quality education, is affordable, located in the heart of London and can provide you with great start for your career.