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  6. Non-academic staff
  7. Honorary graduates


  1. Pim Baxter

    Putting culture centre stage.

  2. Tiff Needell

    Living life in the fast lane.

  3. Jiri Daniel

    Contributing to Ernst & Young's extended assurance offering.

  4. Milad Lakani

    Access to strong industry links helped Milad to succeed in Engineering.

  5. Kiran Kaur

    There is no doubt journalism graduates will walk away with the knowledge and understanding that is expected in the industry today.

  6. Kiran Sagar

    I chose City, University of London because it is one of the leading universities in this area with exceptional research and teaching staff.

  7. Dimitrios Arvanitis

    After completing an LLM at The City Law School, Dimitrios is now working on his PhD thesis in risk allocation in offshore oil and gas contr ...

  8. Roy Katsani

    After over 10 years of experience in the shipping industry, Roy made the decision to further her career by completing an LLM in Maritime La ...

  9. Roy Appiah

    City alumnus Roy is an associate in the litigation department at Clifford Chance LLP.

  10. Nouf Abushehab

    City helped me form the career path I envision for myself.

  11. Ed Ledsham

    Lecturers were incredibly helpful in guiding my dissertation, discussing work with me and suggesting further study options

  12. Maggie Miller

    The experience really made a difference for my next career move

  13. Hettie Hobbs

    "I never felt restricted at City and always able to make the most of any opportunity, from choreographing to directing."

  14. James Cambridge

    I feel like the skills have acquired are very versatile and could lead me into other avenues of journalism in the future.

  15. Aljosha Karim Schapals

    I’d like to thank my supervisors for their guidance and preparation for a career in academia.

  16. Joe Perkins

    City prepared me with so many useful skills that I feel comfortable adapting to almost any situation the job employs on an everyday basis.

  17. Clarissa Crippa

    I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the quality education I received during my three years at City, University of London.

  18. Joseph Canderlario

    "My journey at the City,University of London or my Master’s was a positive experience. I have grown academically and professionally along t ...

  19. Tsung-Lin Tsai

    Tsung-Lin Tsai worked at Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art in Beijing and is the co-founder of THE ART CLUB gallery and Freedom Men Art & ...

  20. Essa Ahmad

    Essa graduated from the LLM International Business Law programme in 2018, choosing to study via distance learning.

  21. Preety Kalsi

    Helping City students find part-time and temporary work

  22. Keith San

    Ensuring global compliance.

  23. Anne Faber

    “City was a great stepping stone, who could have known that five years later I'd have my own cooking show!"

  24. Marco Aurelio

    Marco has joined the highly competitive NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme

  25. Fabrizio Garcia Bacigalupo

    After completing a Specialist LLM in Maritime Law at The City Law School, Fabrizio is now a Partner at his own law firm in his native count ...

  26. Howard Leithead

    After completing two non-law degrees at the University of Cambridge, Howard embarked on his future career as a barrister by choosing the GD ...

  27. Norah Myers

    'It was through studying at City that I finally found my professional identity and grounding, the MA set me on the path to becoming an edit ...

  28. Mia Olorunfemi

    I feel very enriched by the knowledge I gained from my course.

  29. Kath Dalmeny

    A postgraduate degree in food policy helped me ground my interest in healthy and sustainable food in the discipline of understanding the fo ...

  30. Justin King

    I chose City with employability in mind.

  31. Dawid Humbla

    Teamwork was a natural part of studying at City, which was awesome experience and learning for me, as I tend to work by myself.

  32. Aikaterini-Pinelopi (Kitty) Kioskli

    I enjoyed the involvement in societies, attending extra seminars and classes, and getting a professional education with personal guidance.

  33. Dimitrios Mavridis

    City staff had a refreshing approach to teaching which really motivated us students.

  34. Naveed Shaikh

    City, University of London polished my technical and management skills with deep insight into UK's energy market, current and future legisl ...

  35. Julia Drahoss

    My lecturers at City were not only experts in their field, engaging in cutting edge research, but also truly enthusiastic about teaching.

  36. Ijeoma Edoka

    City allowed the flexibility to work while studying full-time, and the MSc gave me a good foundation preparing me for my role as Research D ...

  37. Sabeen Ijaz

    The course does not only equip the students technically, but also ensures that they are given an insight to the practical world.

  38. Jamie Sadler

    Managing Director, Food Nation, Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

  39. Jack Fenwick

    I enjoyed the level of creativity it offered on my course, I was able to write stories and investigate any topics I wanted to.

  40. Ozkan Koyun

    Raising money for great causes.

  41. Olaleye Osetade

    'The Biomedical Engineering with Healthcare Technology Management MSc was challenging but also very interesting'.

  42. Rhiannon Mills

    Rhiannon has worked for Sky News since 2010 and at the start of the year became the channel’s Royal Correspondent.

  43. Fabrizio Luccitti

    'City's Publishing MA is by far the best gateway for anybody keen to enter the publishing industry through the main door.'

  44. Ruyu Tang

    'City's MA prepared me as a well-qualified young professional on entering the publishing industry.'

  45. Oscar Lizarazo Sandoval

    'Ever since moving to the UK I heard great things about City University London's reputation'.

  46. Marija Popovic

    Having outstanding networking opportunities while studying at City were truly unique and incredibly enriching learning experiences.

  47. Kate Hall

    I love the work that I do - and I'm very grateful to City

  48. Manisha Jha

    The Financial Journalism MA gave me the practical training to land my dream job.

  49. Andrew Lomas

    Having completed the Bar Professional Training Course at City, Andrew now specialises in intellectual property law as a tenant at One Essex ...

  50. Nick Hughes

    The MSc provided invaluable context to my work on sustainable diets.

  51. Nia Beynon

    Studying the Publishing MA at City ultimately helped me get a job and provided a great foundation of knowledge of the industry I was going ...

  52. Pravina Pindoria

    Pravina is a City graduate (BSc Child Nursing) and founder of award-winning startup Tallyfy. Discover how her experience at City aided her ...

  53. Nigel Fernandes

    Nigel Fernandes studied Business Computing Systems at City and undertook placement at Hewlett Packard (HP) as a Management Information Anal ...

  54. Jamile Muglio

    Jamile completed the BSc (Hons) Radiography (Radiotherapy and Oncology) course in 2017, and describes her new role as “the most fulfilling ...

  55. Stefany Barker

    The best thing about studying in London is having access to career and networking events.

  56. Kaya Burgess

    Making a difference in the way news and features are written and presented.

  57. Dinah Rose QC

    Law alumna bringing justice to victims.

  58. Federico Chiastra

    City enabled me to make up my mind about my career, by helping me securing internships and jobs and by providing me the tools to succeed.

  59. Lalah Springer

    Without City, University of London I don't think I would have had the versatility to jump right into this role following graduation.

  60. Osama Shehab

    'My favourite aspect of the course was its core modules which were delivered by UK Power Networks experts.'

  61. Alan Latham

    Alan was a Management Consultant at PwC and now works closely with City's Formula Student project.

  62. Anita Wu

    'I learned so much at City, and not just from what I gained during lectures, but also from what I learnt from the people I met.'

  63. Ash Linsbichler

    "The MBA gave us the tools we needed to start a business and a great network through which we found our Chief Technology Officer and numero ...

  64. Annie Darling

    The true benefits of studying journalism at City are felt long after you graduate.

  65. Sarah Keegan

    The Development Economics MSc at City provided the analytical skills needed to effectively work as an Assistant Economist within government ...

  66. Amira El-Houderi

    I found City was one of the few universities in the UK that offered a health economics course that's designed primarily for non-economists, ...

  67. Michal Dybowski

    City staff provided me with the support, knowledge and transferrable skills necessary for a variety of jobs within the engineering sector.

  68. Carlie Sorosiak

    I chose City for its emphasis on professional services. I knew that I could step from City directly into a publishing career...

  69. Alessandra De Zottis

    City helped me take my career to the next level and the support I received made it possible to confidently move to London and start a new c ...

  70. Kseniia Samokhina

    Studying at INTO City was great preparation for university life...

  71. Nicole Young

    60 Minutes producer Nicole Young is an 11 time Emmy winner and a mummy to be, but before that she was an MA International Journalism studen ...

  72. Catherine Pine

    Catherine Pine was a nurse who cared for suffragette hunger strikers after their release from Holloway prison.

  73. Yibo Fang

    Yibo is a Product Design Manager at / Time Station Software. is the largest online book store in China

  74. Andrew Whitley

    Bread maker, teacher and campaigner, West Linton, Scotland.

  75. Sharmin Shimu

    One of the skills that the course helped me develop is communication skills, which includes not only communicating with the staff but also ...

  76. Safraz Ali

    I enjoyed the level of creativity it offered on my course, I was able to write stories and investigate any topics I wanted to.

  77. Maximilian Motta

    Studying at INTO City was great preparation for university life...

  78. Francisco J Conejo

    "A BSc in Financial Economics has provided me with useful knowledge about corporate finance, derivatives, econometrics and investment banki ...

  79. Richard Klein

    Making television that matters.

  80. Lanre Oyebanjo

    Lanre feels completing his degree at City reinforced his abilities to be organised, disciplined and focused when taking on new challenges.

  81. Charlotte Bonner

    Runs sustainability change programmes for NUS.

  82. Mohamedali Gokal

    Mohamedali is putting his legal knowledge to practice as a trainee at a London Magic Circle law firm.

  83. Jaz Rabadia MBE

    Jaz's course prepared her for a role at a global coffee company.

  84. Dr Roa Altaweli

    I love being a midwife and would like others to love this profession as much as I do.

  85. Sky Cracknell

    The course for me was a really transformative experience and that really is down to the incredible depth of knowledge that the academics im ...

  86. Valentina Aronica

    At City, my professors were always available and accessible to discuss my dissertation .

  87. Chukwuladi Ahiakwo

    I was given the opportunity to study MSc Health Policy at City, University of London and it was a challenging but great experience.

  88. Yermek Rakhimov

    Yermek is currently Director of the Department of Culture, Archives and Documentation of the North Kazakhstan region.

  89. Anna Sanders

    Deputy Director, Future Farming, Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra), London, England.

  90. Keith Abel

    Delivering ethical eating.

  91. Claire Lund

    Industry recognised experts helped Claire to grow her career and network.

  92. Wiebke Acton

    I chose this course because it was the only one in the UK that deals entirely with genre-specific translation.

  93. Lucia Cavero-Baptista

    Now working as an International journalist for an economic publication worldwide

  94. Arthy Ravichandran

    The management training Arthy received helped her gain an understanding of the business environment, preparing her as an eligible graduate.

  95. Hilary Moore

    Hilary did an Executive MBA at Cass and is now a Communication Specialist.

  96. Marina Buraga

    In London, the world is at your fingertips

  97. Alex de Lacey

    Having enjoyed my UG course so much, it seemed to make sense to continue my endeavours at City.