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Contact Information


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M107, Myddelton Street Building

Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Tamsin has over 15 years of experience in Optometry and is a qualified Dispensing Optician and Optometrist.

For her PhD Tamsin looked at into the role of a lack of oxygen in the development of Age-related Macular Degeneration, and if a lack of oxygen was responsible for the changes seen in dark adapted visual function in this condition.

Tamsin has experience of teaching and lecturing at an undergraduate and postgraduate level and in 2015 joined City University as a lecturer in the Division of Optometry and Visual Science, where she carries out both research and teaching roles.

Currently, Tamsin is the Primary Investigator on a project investigating home monitoring in glaucoma.


Postgraduate Diploma in Academic Practice, BSc Optometry and Vision Science, Fellowship Dispensing Diploma and PhD in Optometry and Vision Science.

Administrative roles

  1. Lead for Teaching Excellence (Dept of Optometry), City, University of London, Jan 2019 – present
  2. Member of the School of Health Sciences International Committee, Nov 2018 – present

Memberships of professional organisations

  1. College of Optometrists
  2. Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  3. General Optical Council


  1. Naylor Prize national competition (2010) Best project report
    "Winners in the 2009 Naylor prize competition". Ophthalmic & physiological optics (0275-5408), 30 (6), p. 870.


Research overview

Tamsin's primary research interest is Age-related macular Degeneration (AMD) and in particular in the aetiology and pathogenesis of the condition. Tamsin is also interested in investigating functional biomarkers for the early stages of the condition and the effect AMD has on retinal structure and visual function.


Conference paper/proceedings

  1. Callaghan, T., Binns, A. and Margrain, T. (2016). Functional biomarkers of hypoxia in Age-related macular degeneration.

Journal articles (3)

  1. Callaghan, T., Margrain, T.H. and Binns, A.M. (2020). The Effect of Systemic Hyperoxia and Hypoxia on Scotopic Thresholds in People with Early and Intermediate Age-related Macular Degeneration. Current Eye Research, 45(10), pp. 1273–1282. doi:10.1080/02713683.2020.1739315.
  2. Jones, P.R., Campbell, P., Callaghan, T., Jones, L., Asfaw, D.S., Edgar, D.F. … Crabb, D.P. (2020). Glaucoma home-monitoring using a tablet-based visual field test (Eyecatcher): An assessment of accuracy and adherence over six months. American Journal of Ophthalmology. doi:10.1016/j.ajo.2020.08.039.
  3. Jones, P.R., Demaria, G., Tigchelaar, I., Asfaw, D.S., Edgar, D.F., Campbell, P. … Crabb, D.P. (2020). The human touch: Using a webcam to autonomously monitor compliance during visual field assessments. Translational Vision Science and Technology, 9(8), pp. 1–14. doi:10.1167/TVST.9.8.31.

Practitioner article

  1. (2017). Ocular Electrophysiology. Optometry Today


  1. Jones, P.R., Campbell, P., Callaghan, T., Jones, L., Asfaw, D.S., Edgar, D.F. … Crabb, D.P. Glaucoma home-monitoring using a tablet-based visual field test (Eyecatcher): An assessment of accuracy and adherence over six months.


Undergraduate modules

Module lead for OV1004 Ophthalmic Lenses and Dispensing
Module lead for OV2021 Ophthalmic Lenses and Dispensing
Academic lead for the dispensing clinic in OV3025 Clinical Skills and Professional Practice.OV3021 Research Studies

Postgraduate modules

MSc Co-module lead for OVM006 Professional Certificate in Glaucoma APM002 SHS MSc Dissertation Module

Other Activities

Editorial activity

  1. Acuity Porfessional Development Journal, Editorial board member, Nov 2017 – present.

Events/conferences (6)

  1. British Congress of Optometry and Visual Science. (Conference) Virtual (2020).
    Paper: Acceptability of a home-based visual field test (Eyecatcher) for glaucoma home monitoring: A qualitative study of patients' views and experiences.
    Author: Callaghan, T
    Co-authors: Campbell, C.; Jones, L.; Jones, P.; Edgar, D.; Crabb, d.
  2. Health Has Got Talent. (2018). Invited speaker.
    Paper: Developing video led educational resources to support teaching in Optometry
  3. European Glaucoma Research Training Program workshop. (2018). Invited speaker.
  4. ARVO 2016 Annual Meeting. Seattle (2016).
    Paper: Functional Biomarkers of Hypoxia in Age-related Macular Degeneration.
    Description: Poster presentation.
  5. British Congress of Optometry & Visual Science. Cardiff University (2014).
    Paper: Effect of oxygen inhalation on scotopic thresholds in early Age-related macular degeneration.
    Description: Presentation.
  6. Bristol Vision Institute Young Researchers Colloquium. Cardiff University (2013).
    Paper: Dark adaptation as a biomarker of hypoxia in age-related macular degeneration.
    Description: Poster presentation.

Online articles (2)

  1. City hosts UK and Éire Glaucoma Society (UKÉGS) Annual Meeting 2018. (2018). News from City, University of London
  2. City, University of London hosts glaucoma meeting. (2019). Optometry Today