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Snigdha Nag

Senior Lecturer

The City Law School, Professional Programmes

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GIP206, The City Law School


Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Joined The City Law School (formerly the Inns of Court School of Law) in 2001.

She teaches Civil Litigation, Civil Advocacy, Opinion Writing and Drafting, Negotiation and Employment Law.

Snigdha is a member of Inner Temple and was called to the Bar in 1997. Having completed a general common law pupillage, she went on to work as an employed Barrister specialising in Housing Law and Employment Law, including representation in the County Court and Employment Tribunals.


Journal Articles (4)

  1. Nag, S. (2017). Without access to justice, the law is a dead letter. Solicitors Journal, 161(30), pp. 30–31.
  2. Nag, S. (2016). Uber and the "gig" economy. Solicitors Journal, 160(43), pp. 34–35.
  3. Nag, S. (2016). Employment rights: an unseen iceberg in the Brexit debate? Solicitors Journal, 160(23), pp. 15–15.
  4. Nag, S. (2011). Worked up. Solicitors Journal, 155(22), pp. 17–17.

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