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City, University of London
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United Kingdom



Dr Danbury is an academic lawyer, a journalist and a former practicing barrister. He directs the MA in investigative journalism.

A long while ago, he practised -- briefly -- as a criminal barrister, before joining the BBC, where he worked for about a decade. he was based in news and current affairs, and specialised in interviews and investigations. He spent extended periods on programmes such as Newsnight and Panorama. His first job was as a researcher on the investigative documentary series Rough Justice, and his last staff job was as Deputy Editor of the 2010 BBC Prime Ministerial Debate. While at the BBC, he was part of teams that won two Royal Television Society Awards and a New York Festivals medal. He then went freelance, and has worked for Channel 4, Sky and ITN. He's produced interviews with just about every leader of a main UK political party since 2000, and has worked on TV coverage of the past five general elections.

He has coordinated Channel 4’s investigative journalism training scheme for the past six years, and has been the BBC’s Advanced Legal Trainer for the past nine years. He is a member of the Scott Trust Review Panel, the organisation that deals with editorial complaints in relation to the Guardian's content.

His undergraduate degree is in philosophy from Cambridge University, and his doctorate in media law is from Oxford University, where his supervisor was the constitutional expert Professor Alison Young. He then undertook post-doctoral research back at Cambridge, into copyright and news, under Professors Lionel Bently (of Cambridge) and Ian Hargreaves (of Cardiff University). He continues to research in the area of international and comparative media law and freedom of speech law. To that end, he is an Associate Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Legal Studies at the University of London, an Associate at the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law at the University of Cambridge, and an expert at Columbia University's Global Freedom of Expression project.


  1. D Phil, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  2. M Stud, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  3. Barrister, Inns of Court School of Law, United Kingdom
  4. Diploma in Law, College of Law, United Kingdom
  5. BA, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom


  1. Senior Lecturer, City, University of London, Sep 2019 – present
  2. Member, Scott Trust Review Panel, Guardian News and Media, Jan 2017 – present
  3. Principal Lecturer, De Montfort University, 2016 – 2018
  4. External Examiner, Edinburgh Law School, University of Edinburgh, Jan 2016 – present
  5. Associate Research Fellow, Information Law and Policy Centre, Institute for Advanced Legal Studies, University of London, Jan 2015 – present
  6. Research Associate, University of Cambridge, Jan 2014 – Jan 2016
  7. Researcher, Ranking Digital Rights, 2013 – 2014
  8. Coordinator, Investigative Journalism Training Scheme, Channel 4, Jan 2013 – present
  9. Advanced Law Trainer, British Broadcasting Corporation (United Kingdom), Jan 2010 – present


Books (2)

  1. Danbury, R. and Stewart, A. (2005). The Inca Trail Cusco and Machu Picchu. Trail Blazer Publications. ISBN 978-1-873756-86-7.
  2. Graham, M. and Danbury, R. (1999). Rough Guide to Chile. Rough Guides.

Chapters (4)

  1. Danbury, R. (2020). Freedom of Expression and Protecting Journalists’ Sources. In Bollinger, L. and Callamard, A. (Eds.), Regardless of Frontiers? Freedom of Expression and Information in the 21st Century New York, USA: Columbia University Press.
  2. Danbury, R. (2019). Investigative Journalism and Terrorism: the Proactive Legal Duty to Report. (Price, S., Trans.) Investigative Journalism: Global Perspectives Routledge.
  3. Danbury, R. and Townend, J. (2019). Can You Keep a Secret? Legal and Technological Obstacles to Protecting Journalistic Sources. (Price, S., Trans.) Investigative Journalism: Global Perspectives Routledge.
  4. Danbury, R. (2017). Where Should Speech be Free? Conceiving Liberal Theories of Free Speech’. In Price, M. and Stremlau, N. (Eds.), Speech and Society in Turbulent Times Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-1-107-19012-2.

Internet publications (2)

  1. Danbury, R. (2016). Is an EU publishers’ right a good idea? Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law, University of Cambridge.
  2. Danbury, R., Bently, L. and Hargreaves, I. (2016). Copyright and news project (2014-16). Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law, University of Cambridge.


  1. Townend, J. and Danbury, R. (2017). Protecting Sources and Whistleblowers in a Digital Age. London.

Other Activities

Radio programme

  1. Men's Hour. BBC Radio 5 Live Series Producer, Executive Producer

Television programmes (17)

  1. Live: Britain’s Next PM – The C4 Debate. Channel 4 Consultant Producer
  2. Channel 4 Election Night Programme. Channel 4 Producer (Paxman)
  3. The Battle for Number 10. Sky and Channel 4 Producer (Paxman)
  4. Europe: the final debate. Channel 4 Consulting Executive Producer
  5. The Battle for Number 10. Sky and Channel 4 Producer (Paxman)
  6. The EU Debate. BBC2 Co-deputy Editor
  7. BBC World Debate. BBC World News Producer
  8. Prime Ministerial Debate. BBC1 Deputy Editor
  9. Newsnight. BBC2 Producer
  10. Panorama. Assistant Producer
  11. Happiness Formula. BBC2 Producer
  12. The Paxman Interviews. BBC1 Producer
  13. Mark Lawson Talks to... BBC4 Producer
  14. Newsnight. BBC2 Broadcast Journalist
  15. Rough Justice. BBC1 Researcher
  16. Crimewatch. BBC1 Researcher
  17. Trial By Jury. BBC2 Researcher