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Professor Laurence Solkin

Deputy Dean

School of Arts and Social Sciences

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D328, Rhind Building


Postal Address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



  1. Patel, U., Solomon, N. and Solkin, L. (2009). Accumulating knowledge in researching technologyenhanced learning: Going with the flows. Researching Transitions in Lifelong Learning (pp. 161–172). ISBN 0-203-87517-6.

Conference Papers and Proceedings (4)

  1. Quinsee, S. and Solkin, L. (2011). E-learning and e-advice: an exploration of the process of partnership in extending the boundaries of learning for small businesses. EDEN 2004 Annual Conference 16-19 June, Budapest, Hungary.
  2. Sumner, N. and Solkin, L. (2008). Capturing cultural complexity – using activity theory and actor network theory to develop a leaning environment. EDEN 2008 Conference 11-14 June, Lisbon, Portugal.
  3. Sumner, N. and Solkin, L. (2007). Locating the entrepreneur: investigating small business learning through the use of e-portfolios. EDEN 2007 Conference 13-16 June, Naples, Italy.
  4. Quinsee, S. and Solkin, L. (2005). Work Based Learning and On-Line Tutoring – An Exploration of Work Context and Content on the Development of On-Line Tutors. EDEN 2005 Annual Conference 20-23 June, Helsinki, Finland.

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